MIMR: @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: Delta Radio Band

Taking influences from a wide spectrum of sounds Delta Radio Band head to Focus Wales as a stand out act and one not to be missed. The north-walian 5 piece have big plans ahead and Steve from the band caught up with MIMR to give us the lowdown on what’s going on.

MIMR: One of the acts not to be missed at Focus this year are Delta Radio Band, how did you guys get together and how best would you describe the sound you create?

Steve: We’ve all been in local bands and jammed together on and off for ages. We got together because we played a blues jam night in Chester on bass player Jamie’s birthday, and got offered a couple of blues festivals after a promoter saw us play. We just started doing gigs from then on.

We’ve always written songs so we decided to try and write some blues songs. From there on we just rolled into making a record. We’re into psychedelic blues albums like ‘Electric Mud’ and ‘After the Rain’ by Muddy Waters, as well as stuff like the original Fleetwood Mac and The Allman Brothers.

We describe our sound as psychedelic electric blues.

MIMR: It’s a joy to see you on the bill at this year’s Focus Wales. What does it mean to the band to be part of such a great event?

Steve: It’s amazing to have an event like Focus Wales happening in our home town. It’s becoming a really special time of year for the people of Wrexham and particularly for us as local musicians. We’ve all been to a few multi-venue festivals around the world, and Focus is up there with the best of them. It’s definitely a favourite!

MIMR: Where and when can we see you play at the festival and what other acts are you hoping to see?

Steve: We’re playing on May 11th, at Rewind which is awesome. It’s a small room with an unbelievable atmosphere and sound. It’s going to be like some kind of sweaty blues club in Chicago. Also, they have great beer.

As far as other bands go, top of the list are: Baby Brave, Islet, British Sea Power, and Gulp.

MIMR: Inbetween gigs what records are you guys enjoying listening to at the moment?

Steve: Lots of Muddy Waters’ psychedelic era, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Free, Allan Brothers, Hendrix. Loads of soul/motown. Acid Mothers Temple, Sunburned Hand of the Man, The Psychic Paramount. Captain Beefheart, Zappa, R.L. Burnside. There’s loads!

MIMR: Thanks for stopping off to chat to the blog, how can people keep tabs on the band via social media?

Steve: We’re on facebook, (facebook.com/deltaradioband), twitter and Instagram (@deltaradioband), and we have our own website (deltaradioband.com), and we have a mailing list which you can join through the site.
They play here at the festival:

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