MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: Skellums

We turn our attention to a alt-rock quartet Skellums in our quest to seek out the acts to check out at this year’s Focus Wales Festival. Thrills and spills and lot of fun are guaranteed when they hit the stage next month and we were lucky to get a insight into the band as well as their plans for the rest of the year.

MIMR: Who are Skellums and how would you best describe your sound?

Skellums: Just a bunch of morons from North Wales. Our sound is just a bit chaotic really, it all starts with a pop song but by the time it reaches the stage its morphed into something else entirely.

MIMR: How has 2017 been for the band so far and what exciting plans do you have before the year is out?

Skellums: 2017 has been alright, we were asked to play at The Etihad stadium before a Man City game which was cool, its the second time we have been asked so we mustn’t have offended anyone the first time around. We had one of our tracks featured on the BBC Introducing Mixtape aswell which was really something special, hearing Tom Robinson talking about us on 6 Music was cool.

MIMR: Your back at Focus Wales festival this year, what’s your favourite thing about being involved in such a brilliant event?

Skellums: Were usually just happy to be out of the house! Focus is brilliant, so many people moan that there is nothing to do around here, so to have such a vibrant and eclectic event right on our doorstep is fantastic. I’ve known Andy for a while and its always really well organised and a pleasure to play.

MIMR: Do any of the band have any routines or supersitions before hitting the stage?

Skellums: Not really, but I think we all secretly pray that the van of doom doesnt explode on the way to the gig. Its held together with gaffa tape and nightmares.

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, see you at Focus! Tell people where and when they can catch your show?

Skellums: Nice one for having us, we really appreciate it. We are at Central Station at about half 6, I think. The same night that Cabbage are playing. Itll be like witnessing a war-crime.
You can catch the guys play here:

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