MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: My Name Is Ian

The next band under the spotlight ahead of this year’s Focus Wales are indie-folk trio My Name Is Ian who will be making the trip up from the welsh capital to whisk us off our feet at the festival next month.

I caught up with the band for a quick chat to show you why you should make a b-line to their show in a few weeks time.

MIMR: Great pleasure to have My Name Is Ian on the blog, tell us all about the band and what influences do you guys draw upon on when creating your music?

MNII: MY NAME IS IAN are a three piece odd rock band. REGINALD FOXWELL on guitar and vocals, JAMES BUZZANCA on bass and vocals and JOE COLEBY on drums. We are based in Cardiff, we were housemates who bought instruments and made a band. Our biggest influence is nature documentaries, comedy and our own social anxieties.

MIMR: So what’s new with the band? Has 2017 been a busy one so far?

MNII: We have our 4th album out around the end of May. That will be on the label Bubblewrap Collective and it will be released as a t-shirt and download code.

MIMR: Great to see you on the massive line-up at this year’s Focus Wales Festival. What can people expect from your live show?

MNII: People can expect sing songs, party poppers, smoke machine, capes, a little nudity and sweat.

(Cover to 2015 record ‘In The Best Case Scenario We’d Die At The Same Time’)

MIMR: One of your previous records was named ‘ Now That’s What I Call My Name Is Ian’ which refers to the Now music compliation series but can you remember the 1st record/CD/cassette you bought?

MNII: The first cassette that i received was UB4O ft Pato Banton – BABY COME BACK.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting on the blog, see you at Focus next month. How can people keep updated with your news and check out some tracks?

MNII: Humans and animals can listen to us on Spotify and iTunes for our most recent album and greatest hits album, other albums and e.ps are on band camp, find us on instagram for photos of dogs and bad photoshopping, like us on Facebook and buy clothing from http://www.leboner.bigcartel.com. DEFO COME AND WATCH US FRIDAY NIGHT !!!!!!!

They headline this show at Focus:

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