MIMR Band Chat: Queasy

Alt-Rock 5 piece Queasy are rapidly spreading their wings around the Manchester scene with their high energy live shows and their pulsating, flawless sound.

MIMR spoke to the Manchester band about their beginnings and why you should get on board!

MIMR: Great to have Queasy on the blog, tell us a bit about the band and what musical influences help you achieve your sound?


Queasy: We all met in Manchester, but are from opposite ends of the country originally. There’s definitely a North-meets-South sound to our music…we all love music that makes you bob your head and stomp your feet I guess…varied tastes individually that culminate together to make Queasy. We started off as a 3 piece, having jams in our basement. The big idea was to start a band, but at the time jamming just felt like the right way to build some musical chemistry and assess what we wanted to do with it. I think we all have things we want to say about our experiences and that comes out in the music, there’s definitely an ongoing theme to our tunes – even if we don’t know what that is yet! For example, Manchester Council can spend 400k on new city centre fountains, but are obviously struggling with the ever-growing group of homeless people that surround the bloody things who are obviously in need of financial help, whichever way you look at it. When you’re witness to things like this on a daily basis, it’s bound to come out in the music. I think for any musician it’s life affirming to feel part of something bigger…especially in such uncertain times. 

MIMR: How has 2017 treated you so far and what can we expect from the rest of the year?


Queasy: It’s been great so far! We’ve been writing music together for some time now so to see people’s reactions to it is a real buzz. We’ve been lucky enough to start off in some really great venues supporting bands that are going places such as No Hot Ashes, RedFaces and Sleeptalking. We had the pleasure of supporting The Blue Aeroplanes on their comeback tour which was a great experience! We’re currently working on our debut E.P, which we’re really excited about. We also have gigs outside of Manchester booked, and a plan set out for the rest of the year so things are looking tastyyyyyyy. 


MIMR: What would you say is the best thing about playing Live?
Queasy: The best thing about performing live is by far the sense of escaping reality. No matter how shit life can seem, music can always take you to a happier place.

MIMR: If you were to make a playlist what essential tracks would be included and why?

Queasy: Talking Heads – Naive Melody – I don’t know why but this song just makes you miss home, but also makes you feel happy. Such a confusing cauldron of nostalgic euphoria.

 Rage Against The Machine – Bullet in the Head – I love that listening to RATM can help you exert your anger in a positive way and this is probably their best tune.

 Bob Marley – Satisfy my Soul – If you ever feel the thirst for satisfaction, this song satisfies that quench.

 Take That – Never Forget – Absolute choon.

MIMR: Thanks for dropping into MIMR, all the best for the rest of the year. How can people follow what your up to?

Queasy: Thanks for having us. Twitter, bebo, Facebook, Instagram all that malarkey. @queasyuk


Or if you’re ever having a leisurely walk down the beautiful Platt Lane and hear lots of loud music that sounds fucking sick, come and say hello and lose at Fifa.

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