MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017: Band Chat: Altameda

Another year and Focus Wales festival is back and over the next few weeks MIMR will be featuring some of the acts playing the event in wrexham next month.

First up are canadian rock n rollers Altameda who are sure to bring the house down at the festival. As part of the special partnership this year with BreakOut West Festival the edmonton quartet head up some of the hottest acts coming out of Canada at the moment.

Erik spoke to MIMR about the band and their trip over to the UK next month.

MIMR: Welcome Altameda to the blog, tell us about the band and what influences do you have to achieve your sound?

Erik: We all grew up playing music in the same scenes and knew each other from different groups of friends and schools. After years of playing in different projects Troy sought out the rest of us to play on some solo material he was recording. After the first few rehearsals and sessions the writing became easier and the dynamic evolved from a singer/songwriter with a backing band to fully-fledged group. We found the chemistry lay in our shared influences such as The Band, Springsteen, and Neil Young.

MIMR: How has this year been so far for the band and what can we expect from you guys the rest of the year?

Erik: The past year has exceeded our expectations. It’s been extremely motivating to see how far the record has reached and how far the band has come since this all started. The next year will see the band participating more in the festival circuit and more touring. We started work on our second LP in December of 2016 and have plans to finish it once we wrap up the festival season.

MIMR: Looking forward to your show at Focus Wales in May, its always a great event. What are you most looking forward to about the festival?

Erik: For many of us this will be our first time in the UK. In addition to the excitement of international travel we’re especially looking forward to meeting new people and taking in the festival.

MIMR: If you could of taken written credit for any song which would it be and why?

Erik: Because our tastes are pretty vast we all answered this one separately:

Matt Kraus (Keyboards): Tears of Rage by The Band because the lyrics and chord progression are genius.

Todd Andrews (Bass): Straight to Hell by The Clash because it’s everything you love about the band rolled into one.

Troy Snaterse (Vocals/Guitar): Unsatisfied by The Replacements because the simplicity of the song paired with the urgency of Paul Westerberg’s vocals has always resonated with me.

Erik Grice (Drums/Vocals): God Only Knows by The Beach Boys because how can you argue with a song that the Beatles wish that they wrote.

MIMR: Thanks for dropping by, look forward to catching you at Focus. How can people follow you for updates and check out some of your music?

Erik:  You can follow us on any of these outlets: http://www.altameda.bandcamp.com, @Altameda on Instagram, http://www.facebook.com/altameda780

Here’s where to catch them at the festival:

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