MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: Baby Brave

One of the hometown bands that have set previous Focus Wales events a light are noise-pop 4 piece Baby Brave and they are all set to entertain and excite at this year’s festival once more.

So of course the band dropped by to us at MIMR to tell us about the exciting year to come for the band as well as the upcoming Focus Wales appearance.

MIMR: what’s going on with Baby Brave at the moment. You’ve been in the studio yeah? 
BB: That’s right. We’re working on a new 4-track EP, called EYEYEYE. It’s coming together slowly but surely. It will be worth the wait. 

MIMR: MIMR has enjoyed your venture into the youtube world. How did the idea come about for the vlogs? 

BBJase likes to film things, Emmi likes to edit video. The results are pretty funny. It’s become a way of documenting what we get up to in the studio. Behind the scenes with the riffs and the brews. It’s something we’re gonna carry on doing when we tour the new record, so expect a lot more of our daft shenanigans!

MIMR: Focus Wales is nearly upon us once again, what sets your show here apart from any other you play? 

BB: It’s the first year we’ll have played Focus with Jase on drums, so that’s exciting for us. Maybe we’ll sneak a new song from our new record into the set too. 

MIMR: I always see you guys around for the duration of the festival, any other bands that your looking forward to seeing? 

BB: It’s a great line up this year, so we’ll be busy! Qujaku from Japan look amazing, Dizzy Brain looks like a great live show… Bryde & HMS Morris are ones we’ll be heading to, and glad to see that AF THE NAYSAYER from New Orleans is back at Focus for a solo set this year, so we’ll be checking that out too. Steve is playing with Delta Radio too, so that goes without saying. Except… we just said it.

MIMR: Thanks as always for having a chat, see you once again at Focus. Where and when are you playing?
BB: We’re playing Central Station on Friday night at 9:15pm – see you there!

MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: Monico Blonde

Next to step up onto the podium ahead of this year’s Focus Wales Festival are Indie quartet Monico Blonde from Cardiff. They head to Wrexham in a few weeks to commence a whirlwind remainder of the year and MIMR was lucky enough to have a quick chat with Owen before it all goes down.

MIMR: Welcome to Monico Blonde to the blog. How did the band come about and was it clear from start what direction your music was going to take?
Owen: We’ve been mates since primary school and decided to write a few songs in the summer of 2016. We took them into the studio and got really excited by the results. From the moment we started to work on the songs it was pretty clear which direction we were going in – the hookiest sounds, biggest choruses and most interesting production we could create with Gethin Pearson, our producer.

MIMR: 2017 is already going very quick, what plans do you guys have for the rest of the year?
Owen: It is going quick and it feels really good. We’re just about to drop the video for our latest tune ‘Love Is An Only Child’ which is looking awesome and pretty out there. This summer we’re hitting as many festivals as we can including The Great Escape and Isle Of Wight, and we’ll be putting out more music and touring until the end of the year.

MIMR: Looking forward to your set at Focus Wales next month, what’s your favourite part about playing live?

Owen: So are we! Our favourite part about playing live is watching the songs connect with people. We put everything we have into the music and gigs so seeing the crowd into it makes us want to give even more. We just finished a UK tour with This Feeling and the crowds were immense. We just love getting everyone dancing.

MIMR: Where and when can we check out your show at Focus Wales?
Owen: We’re playing at Rewind, on at 9pm.

MIMR: Thanks for dropping by for a chat, catch you at Focus. How can we keep in touch with your latest news?
Owen: Our pleasure. You can get us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram . See you at Focus!

MIMR Review: Kidsmoke ‘And Mine Alone’

Building on the considerable momentum gathered off the back of previous single ‘Waves’ MIMR indie-pop faves Kidsmoke reveal their joyous latest effort ‘And Mine Alone’ a sumptious cut from the upcoming new EP with us very soon.

The wrexham quartet have always been a concrete fixture on MIMR and it appears that this is finally being shadowed by many other followers and about time!

Another example of dreamy pop in full flow, spiralling guitars, magnetic vocals and the perfect tonic for the summer is ensured. It’s safe to say Kidsmoke are embarking on a exciting chapter in their existance and MIMR will continue to accompany them on this pleasing journey.

You can catch the guys at the following dates including next weeks Focus Wales which MIMR will be covering.

13th May Focus Wales, Wrexham

26th May Dot 2 Dot Festival, Manchester

June 9th Telfords Warehouse, Chester

June 16th The Finsbury, London
Check the track out here:


MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: Lush Purr

Focus Wales embraces acts from all over the world but it also takes great interest in the best upcoming UK bands too and Lush Purr certainly have enough in their locker to achieve some mighty sweet things.
MIMR was able to grab a swift conversation with Gav from Lush Purr prior to their trip down south to Wrexham in a few weeks.
MIMR: MIMR heads north of the border to have a chat to Lush Purr. hey, who are Lush Purr and what is the latest with the band?

Gav: Hi! Lush Purr are a 4 piece fuzzy indie pop noise machine from Glasgow. We are Gavin, Emma, Rikki and Oreste. We have an LP coming called ‘Cuckoo Waltz’ out on the 5th of May on Song, By toad Records and we are going on a UK tour to promote it. Busy busy. 

MIMR: What musical influences do you have to create your sound?

Gav: Our musical influences vary wildly from 80’s pop music to African funk to the cosmic sounds of hypnagogic drones. Just take a little piece of everything. 
MIMR: Glad to see you amongst the many acts at this year’s Focus Wales Festival. Whats your favourite part about playing live?
Gav: Being an insitinctively shy and anxious bunch we find playing live pushes you out of your comfort zone and acts almost like therapy. Going on tour enhances this even further and you can really immerse yourself in the whole music experience and it tends to alter your state of mind in a positive way. 

MIMR: So where and when can people catch your show at Focus?
Gav: We are playing at the Rock Suite at 9.15pm. We are looking forward to it. 

MIMR: Its been super cool to chat to you, looking forward to seeing you at the festival. What would you say has been your favourite record of the year so far?
Gav: Yeah it’s been lovely to chat with you too. Thanks for taking an interest. It’s hard to pick a favourite. Went to see Part Chimp live recently. I think it was about 12 years since I saw them last. There new album ‘IV’ is really great. Also not technically this year but Arthur Russell ‘Instrumentals’ got a remastered re-release. Essential listening. 

MIMR Review: Lavender ‘Daisy Town’

It’s a joy to have a Manchester band back on the blog that are making big strides in the big city with their stirring psych-rock grooves and plenty of attitude to boot. This band is Lavender and this is their latest creation ‘Daisy Town’ which is a prime cut from Vol.1, the 1st of 3 volumes to be released (6 tracks in all) this year.
Daisy Town take us on a spaced-out trippy voyage through a world which we all would be happy to exist in. Piercing vocals and shoegaze-infused vibes that realy burst free and with effortlessly ease too. 

Lavender are approaching full bloom and MIMR waits with baited breath for the next Volumes in the series, this certainly wets the appetite!

You can check out the video here:

MIMR: @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: Delta Radio Band

Taking influences from a wide spectrum of sounds Delta Radio Band head to Focus Wales as a stand out act and one not to be missed. The north-walian 5 piece have big plans ahead and Steve from the band caught up with MIMR to give us the lowdown on what’s going on.

MIMR: One of the acts not to be missed at Focus this year are Delta Radio Band, how did you guys get together and how best would you describe the sound you create?

Steve: We’ve all been in local bands and jammed together on and off for ages. We got together because we played a blues jam night in Chester on bass player Jamie’s birthday, and got offered a couple of blues festivals after a promoter saw us play. We just started doing gigs from then on.

We’ve always written songs so we decided to try and write some blues songs. From there on we just rolled into making a record. We’re into psychedelic blues albums like ‘Electric Mud’ and ‘After the Rain’ by Muddy Waters, as well as stuff like the original Fleetwood Mac and The Allman Brothers.

We describe our sound as psychedelic electric blues.

MIMR: It’s a joy to see you on the bill at this year’s Focus Wales. What does it mean to the band to be part of such a great event?

Steve: It’s amazing to have an event like Focus Wales happening in our home town. It’s becoming a really special time of year for the people of Wrexham and particularly for us as local musicians. We’ve all been to a few multi-venue festivals around the world, and Focus is up there with the best of them. It’s definitely a favourite!

MIMR: Where and when can we see you play at the festival and what other acts are you hoping to see?

Steve: We’re playing on May 11th, at Rewind which is awesome. It’s a small room with an unbelievable atmosphere and sound. It’s going to be like some kind of sweaty blues club in Chicago. Also, they have great beer.

As far as other bands go, top of the list are: Baby Brave, Islet, British Sea Power, and Gulp.

MIMR: Inbetween gigs what records are you guys enjoying listening to at the moment?

Steve: Lots of Muddy Waters’ psychedelic era, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Free, Allan Brothers, Hendrix. Loads of soul/motown. Acid Mothers Temple, Sunburned Hand of the Man, The Psychic Paramount. Captain Beefheart, Zappa, R.L. Burnside. There’s loads!

MIMR: Thanks for stopping off to chat to the blog, how can people keep tabs on the band via social media?

Steve: We’re on facebook, (facebook.com/deltaradioband), twitter and Instagram (@deltaradioband), and we have our own website (deltaradioband.com), and we have a mailing list which you can join through the site.
They play here at the festival:

MIMR @ Focus Wales 2017 Band Chat: HMS Morris

Back for another year at Focus Wales festival are the excellent HMS Morris fresh off the back of their successful 2016 album ‘Interior Design’ the pop trio have more treats in-store for this year as well.

MIMR caught up with the guys where they reveal their plans and why they love Focus Wales.

MIMR: How’s it going?
HMS: We’re very well thanks, it’s Easter and we’ve over done it on the eggs. Life’s good.

MIMR: What’s the latest with the band?

Well, we’re just about to release a new double a-side single ‘Morbid Mind’ and ‘Arth’ which’ll be out on April 28th just in time for Focus Wales, and we’re putting together a video for it this week. We took a little break after releasing our debut album back in November to get writing again and now we’re gagging to get gigging the new stuff. 

MIMR: What was your best memory about playing Focus Wales last year and why do you think the festival is such a success?

HMS: Last year was a corker, we played in the second room in Wrexham Central Station, Heledd got lost in the moment a little and decided to go for a wonder into the audience and let everyone have a go on her guitar. She re-emerged looking like a scarecrow and hasn’t been the same since.
The festival’s a success because it completely transforms the town for a weekend, Wrexham isn’t like Cardiff or Manchester for example where there are arty events going on constantly and where a festival wouldn’t make much of a dent, it takes over and people travel there to get lost and discover new music and treat it as a little escape, it also marks the beginning of the festival season and gets us all excited for the summer.

(Album cover for ‘Interior Design’ released Nov 2016)

MIMR: What other bands that you admire do you think people should follow?

HMS: Well I know that Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks are playing on Friday at Focus Wales, they have a real fresh take on classic country music, adding squealing guitars and invasive synths (that’s a good thing) and we were lucky to have a sneaky listen to their debut album which is out sometime this year and its pretty frigging good so watch out for it.

MIMR: Where and when can we see you at the festival?

HMS: We are playing at Wrexham Central Station at 7pm on Saturday