MIMR Band Chat: Clerks

Alt-rock Quartet Clerks are a brand new band based in London and are ready to spread their wings on the live circuit in the coming months.

MIMR spoke to Lead man Joe from the band about their plans and their musical influences 

MIMR: Great to have Clerks on the blog, how would you best describe your
music and what influences the band when it comes to the song writing?

Joe: Thanks for having us! It’s a bit hard to pick a genre that I think we strongly fit into as we all have a lot of influences but the closest would probably be a bit of a mix between indie/alt rock and shoegaze. The bands we played in before were much more grunge and punk influenced and so the aim with the song writing was to start playing music that better reflected our current lives –the angsty teen grunge sound began to feel a bit dishonest. Artists like Mac Demarco, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Strokes, Elliott Smith, My Bloody Valentine are some of the influences for me.

MIMR: What can we expect from you guys in 2017?
Joe: The band is really new (only just came together towards the end of 2016) so the plan is to play our first gigs and not be crap and then see what happens! Playing in London for the time being but hopefully will be branching out a bit and doing some festivals in the summer. And maybe recording an album.

MIMR: Tell us more about the band, who’s who and how did Clerks start off?

Joe: Clerks are myself (Joe – guitars/vocals), Matt (drums), Gio (guitar)
and Cae (bass). Matt and I have been playing in bands since school and Cae and Gio have their own separate bands so we’ve stolen them for a bit… Cae is the sporty one, Gio is baby, Matt is definitely scary so I guess I’m either ginger or posh. The name came out of a shared love of the Kevin Smith film and the fact we’ve all either worked in shops or as office clerks the past few years and it aint too great ya know so we’re reclaiming the name.

MIMR: Social Media is such a big tool for bands attempting to breakthrough nowadays, do you have a strategy in tackling this or will just learn as you go along?

Joe: We tried having social media with past bands and didn’t really enjoy it. I guess the idea of connecting with your fans is good but at the stage we were at I think we were mostly just bothering friends. Also the whole problem with equating a band’s quality with the number of ‘likes’ they had was pretty annoying. I think we probably will cave and create a Facebook page at some point as it’s handy for reminding people about gigs but for the moment we’re going to just stick to
having a sound cloud page and telling people about shows in person.

MIMR: Which band would be your dream to tour with?

Joe: Well I ran this past the others and the unanimous answer was Slayer.
I’m not sure they’d have us…

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us at MIMR, good luck with your endeavours in 2017. How can people follow you?

Joe: We are on soundcloud – so you can follow us there –

But if you want to know about gigs it’d be best to email us! –


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