MIMR Band Chat: The Immediate

Indie trio The Immediate are returning back to the music scene after a lengthy time away and have certainly made up for lost time with the super ‘Mold’ EP which reaches new and thrilling heights. 

MIMR spoke to them recently about album plans and Focus Wales in May

MIMR: Introducing The Immediate to the blog, tell us a bit about the story of the band and what are your plans moving forward?

The Immediate: We’re a three piece from Mold in northeast Wales. We were together – originally – in our early 20’s in the 90’s. We were never in the right place at the right time. We were playing Kinks-influenced hard-edged harmony pop songs when every other band sounded like Nirvana or Red Hot Chilli Peppers. When the UK went Britpop, we’d mutated into something more bombastic. We played with some our favourite bands: Mansun and 60ft Dolls… and could see the rift between us and them. Then we supported Stereophonics the night they were signed by V2, at a packed out gig in Newport. They played cover versions and sounded to us about as imaginative as magnolia walls in an empty room… bar Kelly’s remarkable voice. We split soon after.

We slowly grew apart. Small resentments and slight injustices meant we never considered making music together again, although there were regular requests for us to do so. Despite the lack of actual success, people remembered some of our songs, which was why it didn’t seem ridiculous to play together again this time last year when we all woke up in separate lives, with exactly the same itch to scratch.

The old songs sounded old, though. There were 20-ish years of pent up musical frustration and new songs came far more easily than they had. So we released an EP of completely new songs in September (Shadows and Ghosts). Our ambition, though – always – was to record an album. So that’s what we’ve been doing.

MIMR: ‘Mold’ EP is out now and it’s a instant favourite for sure. How did these collection of songs come about?

The Immediate: Remembering the kids we went to school with who hadn’t been as fortunate as us. You wouldn’t get a Welsh equivalent of The Wire from the social injustices on certain Mold estates, but some bad things happened to people who never had a chance. Part of the EP – the lead song, What’s The Matter Kevin Jones? – is about some of those people. Although Kevin Jones is a made up name.

The rest of the songs were recorded specifically for the EP and won’t be coming out on our forthcoming album. Light Dimensions was the first song we wrote when we got back together, and has earned some airplay on BBC Introducing, which was nice. The last song on the EP – Manbuoy – is the title track of our album, but won’t be on it. It’s a bit too confessional and (in the singer’s dreams) Arab Strap to be representative of the band as a whole.
MIMR: It’s with great excitement that your appearing at this year’s Focus Wales Festival, what are you looking forward to the most about the event?

The Immediate: We are very excited to be playing Focus Wales. Most looking forward to playing and blowing people away. Not like Clint Eastwood does in the Dirty Harry films. However if Harry had been wielding a VoxAC15 instead of a Magnum handgun, the effect would be broadly similar.

Also looking forward to seeing the excellent line up of bands. Focus Wales is hugely important to northeast Wales because it validates our area… not only does it showcase lots of excellent local bands, giving them equal billing to the national and international bands at the festival, it proves that northeast Wales – an area that had been more or less a cultural desert – can hold its own with anywhere in the world, when it comes to staging musical excellence. We’re psyched to be part of it.

MIMR: If you could tour any country in the world, which one would it be and why?
The Immediate: France. We spent our formative musical years earning a very expensive crust and doing our Hamburg-style apprenticeship, in St Tropez. 3 dole boys from Mold playing their silly songs to people who didn’t think twice spending a couple of hundred quid on a bottle of booze, on a night out.

And the USA. We have to be able to choose two, sorry Griff. We want to go there and shout musical abuse at that vile excuse of a man they have as president.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to MIMR, will see you at Focus in May, how can people follow you and more importantly get a hold of the EP?
Physical (CD) copies of the EP are available from: https://theimmediate.bandcamp.com/album/mold-e-p

The EP is released digitally on the 3rd March. The CD’s are available now. We play a launch gig at Theatr Clwyd in Mold on the 3rd March with the excellent Campfire Social and Skellums.

Thank you very much for having us.

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