MIMR Review: The Highfield Shakes ‘Distance’

MIMR rejoices when it gets stuck into some electrifying new music and garage-Rock duo The Highfield Shakes certainly fit the bill with their debut set of demos ‘Distance’ released last month.

Opening track Pretty Pink kicks in and refurberates with purpose and a brain-swelling stomp to boot. Piercing vocals and crashing beats symbolise their intent to create a forceful racket. When the Devil Speaks underlines a psych-rock appreciation with glorious riffs and pulsating drum solos getting your blood pumping just a bit faster.

Title track ‘Distance’ the shortest track of the demos is next up and it gently ticks along acting as a much needed rest whilst quietly illustrating the duo’s ability to put together a variety of effortless sounds. The fitting climax comes with ‘Monterey’ a plunging journey into the depths of bluesy rock which pushes all the right pressure points before another ultimate drum solo brings the track to an end with a crusendo of noise.

Photo Credit: Callum Kershaw

This set of songs is still the duo finding their feet as a band but its rough and ready outlook makes you think that this could lead to something very special, only time will tell.

The Highfield Shakes demos are now available here:


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