MIMR Daily Tunes No.51: Fears Chella ‘Girlfriend’

Storming onto the blog with their latest track ‘Girlfriend’ are Indie/pop act Fears Chella and they make a very welcome first appearance on MIMR. The Manchester/Stoke based quartet have streadily been making strides in the right direction after releasing debut single ‘Cool’ last year to pretty high acclaim with many plays gained over various highContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.51: Fears Chella ‘Girlfriend’”

MIMR Gig Gallery: Sweet Deals on Surgery ‘The Snake and The Snoozer album launch feat. The Empty Page, Petcrow and Peaks

We finally got to see Sweet Deals On Surgery back in Manchester with their much anticipated album launch @Fred’s Ale House last thursday (16th Feb) and what a night it turned out to be.  Celebrating the thrilling ‘The Snake and The Snoozer’ record released a few months ago in rawcous style from start to finish, oneContinue reading “MIMR Gig Gallery: Sweet Deals on Surgery ‘The Snake and The Snoozer album launch feat. The Empty Page, Petcrow and Peaks”

MIMR Band Chat: The Immediate

Indie trio The Immediate are returning back to the music scene after a lengthy time away and have certainly made up for lost time with the super ‘Mold’ EP which reaches new and thrilling heights.  MIMR spoke to them recently about album plans and Focus Wales in May MIMR: Introducing The Immediate to the blog, tellContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat: The Immediate”

MIMR Gig Gallery: Blooms @The Castle

For the 2nd time in a matter of weeks MIMR was lucky to witness Surf-noise trio Blooms strut their stuff on the stage, the 2nd occasion coming last monday (13th Feb) when they supported Norwegian pop-punkers Slotface. In anticipation for the upcoming EP Blooms stamped their mark with a stunning set with tracks such asContinue reading “MIMR Gig Gallery: Blooms @The Castle”

MIMR Daily Tunes No.50: Caesar ‘Crossed Wires’

Shoegazey-indie quartet Caesar unveil their latest creation released through the brilliant Blak Hand Records on Feb 10th, its a glowing effort with all the characteristics of band that should be taken very seriously. From the outset the track weaves it’s way through glittering, poetic tones with a effervescent vibe which is effortlessly addictive to listen to.Continue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.50: Caesar ‘Crossed Wires’”

MIMR Daily Tunes No.49: Haunted Spurs ‘Manhattan’

We head to Portland, Oregon USA for our latest Daily Tunes feature where lead man Justin Daniel Rutz uses DIY methods expertly on the bouncy spiky track ‘Manhattan’ released Jan 11. Occupanied by Donovan Allen on drums Haunted Spurs lets loose with a mix of care free indie-pop delights and a mean, punk-tastic delivery, aContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.49: Haunted Spurs ‘Manhattan’”

MIMR Review: The Highfield Shakes ‘Distance’

MIMR rejoices when it gets stuck into some electrifying new music and garage-Rock duo The Highfield Shakes certainly fit the bill with their debut set of demos ‘Distance’ released last month. Opening track Pretty Pink kicks in and refurberates with purpose and a brain-swelling stomp to boot. Piercing vocals and crashing beats symbolise their intentContinue reading “MIMR Review: The Highfield Shakes ‘Distance’”