MIMR Band Chat: Maisie Johnson

23 year old singer/songwriter Maisie Johnson has struck a real chord at MIMR in recent times and after only a few videos and some recommendations over social media, she appeared in our Sounds of 2017 list released a few weeks ago.

MIMR caught up with Maisie, the singer from Macclesfield looking to breakthrough on to the scene in 2017

MIMR: Welcome to the blog Maisie, what was your first memory with music being in your life?

Maisie Johnson: I was pretty young, let’s say 5/6 maybe and I would pretend a tennis racket was my guitar, I’d play my brothers CD player when he wasn’t in, and rock out to a bit of Aerosmith 🙂 funny I didn’t pick up a real guitar till I was 15.

MIMR:  What can we expect to hear and see from you in 2017?

Maisie: I’m currently working on releasing some music, so hopefully pretty soon (can’t say when) there will be a few treats that will pop out of nowhere! Hoping to kind of get on the radar a bit. Really want to share some of the stuff I’m doing and fingers crossed people enjoy it too 🙂

MIMR: What other musicians/bands do you look up to?

Maisie: There are too many! To name a few…. Jeff Buckley, Half Moon Run, The Black Keys, Amy Winehouse, Foals, Alanis Morrisette, Feist etc

MIMR:  If you could pick any song you could have taken written credit for, which one would it be and why?

Maisie: If I was to totally big up a local artist with an ace track I would have loved to be part of, it would be Chris Birdsall – Footsteps, that tune deserves killer female harmonies and Chris is a genious writer and a lovely man. Maybe I should talk to him?!

MIMR: Thanks for chatting with MIMR Maisie, have a great year. We all look to escape esoecially with the wet weather we have, what would be your dream place to get away to in the world?

Maisie: Thank you very much for having me, I think that is the hardest question… too many beaut places.. always wanted to go back to America! Anywhere.. the whole thing old school Road trip. Haha cheers.

Follow Maisie for updates on her plans for 2017 over on Facebook:


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