MIMR Band Chat: Blooms

Delighted to have caught up with Matt from Blooms ahead of what looks like a very busy time for the Manchester surf-pop trio. Look out for more from the band coming soon on the blog. Here’s the Band Chat.

MIMR: Great to have Blooms back on the blog, how would you sum up your 2016 as a band and what were your highlights?

Matt: 2016 was amazing for us as a band. We started on a high with a tour through Scruff Of The Neck Records and released two singles. Dot To Dot Festival and The Record Store Day afterparty at Deaf Institute were probably highlights, but honestly, every show was was awesome.

MIMR: Looking ahead to the next part of the journey, what targets have the band set for this year, are their any more releases planned?

Matt: We will be announcing details of our first full length EP very soon. We recorded so many tracks last year that we’re almost stuck for choice with what to put on it. We also just recorded a new song that we’ve not even played live yet that we’re really excited about.

MIMR: Glad to see your straight back to gigging with your show for Flat Plastic on the 28th of this month. What’s the best part about hitting the stage?

Matt: For me personally, playing live is the best part of making music. We always play heavier and faster than when we’re in the studio which gets a great crowd response. I used to get into the crowd a bit, but I’ve stopped doing it so much…

MIMR: With Christmas over and done with for another year, did you guys have any new year’s resolutions at all?

Matt: I guess, just to keep having fun with music. No point doing it if you’re not enjoying the process. Maybe to write an album, who knows. I should probably stop buying guitar pedals too.

MIMR: It’s been a pleasure to have you back on MIMR, wish you all the best for 2017. If there was song you could take credit for which one would it be and why?

Matt: Oh man, that’s such a difficult question. I’ll keep it slightly local and say Summer Song by Peaness, as it’s been in my head non-stop for about six months.

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