MIMR Band Chat: Floral Scene

One of the 1st Band Chats on MIMR in 2017 and it’s a pretty special one. MIMR caught a glimpse of this next band at a recent gig at Night and Day Cafe supporting SlowHandClap and instantly was hooked by their delightful shoegaze-pop vibes.

MIMR spoke to Joe, the lead man from Floral Scene on how they intend to make their mark in 2017.

MIMR: Glad to have one of MIMR Sounds of 2017 acts on the blog, how did the Floral scene journey begin and what influences do you have when creating your sound?

Joe: Our journey began back in March 2016. Me (Joe) and my brother (Louis), just started jamming together mainly just playing some Hendrix or some bluesy chord progressions in Louis’s bedroom. Naturally we started coming up with our own stuff, I would bring an idea or Lou would bring an idea and we’d just jam it out until we had a song. In the months to come, Adam (bass) and Ellis (drums) would join and really start to fill our sound out and make up Floral Scene. Our influences include a lot of Birmingham based bands; such as Swim Deep, Jaws and Peace. I think the sound that has been coming out of there the past few years is incredible. However, a bit closer to home we have the likes of Clean Cut Kid, Blossoms and Hers who are all killing it at the moment. Being that we are all from Warrington our biggest inspiration is Viola Beach. They were such amazing musicians, song writers and people. There’s no one we could look up to more.

MIMR: What plans are in place for the band heading into 2017?

Joe: We intend to do more recordings and releasing some new material. We also would like lots more live shows, they’re our fave and we enjoy it so much. Just generally keeping our eyes on the sky, that’s the limit baby.

MIMR: Seeing you play for 1st time recently at Night and Day was a very pleasant experience and you have a good following too. Whats the best thing about playing Live?

Joe: Thank you very much, I wouldn’t say following, we just have very loyal friends HAHA but yeah enjoyed that one a lot – the venue is great. We enjoy playing our music, so for us its always going to be fun whether there is 1 person in the venue or 1000.

MIMR: What other bands around at the moment do you admire and would recommend we listen to?

Joe: Definitely listen to Hers from Liverpool, Jaws released an album this year which popped off try that as well. Also two other bands that have come out of Warrington, Psyblings and SlowHandClap are well worth a listen or 7.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us on the blog, look forward to what this year will bring. Any new years resolutions?

Joe: No problem bloggers thanks for blogging, hopefully make 2017 a flowery one.

Check out Floral Scene demo ‘Sand’ on Soundcloud here:

They are back in action supporting Blooms/The Showers and Foxglove with our good friends Flat Plastic on 28th of this month.

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