MIMR Band Chat: The Twisted Dolls

​In the 1st Band Chat of 2017 MIMR brings you a brand new band to the blog, with Fuzzy, rock n roll trio The Twisted Dolls ready to unleash their fury across the land.

MIMR caught up with the band recently ahead of what looks like is going to be a bonzanza packed year!

MIMR: How best would you describe The Twisted Dolls and what is the typical process for songwriting within the band?

Luke: We’re just an honest to god rock n’ roll band, really. Powerful drums, heavy riffs and catchy melodies. Typically, I bring the guitar and lyrics to a session, and we all play along until it fully takes shape. We’re always trying to put together songs which will sound big live, because that’s where we feel most at home and where we aim to impress.

MIMR: Whats the aims of 2017 for you guys? More live shows i hope!

Grace: Loads of gigging and touring hopefully! We’ve got a short tour in Belgium coming up at the end of March which we’re really looking forward to. These will be our first gigs outside the UK as a band so it’s going to be exciting to see how people respond to us. After that we’ll be looking to release our first EP. We’ve released a few singles, but we’re at a point now where we have a really solid set of songs, so it seems like the perfect time to get an EP out there and show a wider audience what we’re about.

MIMR: Having a look through some band pics on social media, its clear to see that the image of the band is important, do you think this has a big part to play in being successful for any band?

Luke: I think it’s the icing on the cake really; the final piece of presentation when you go out and play live. We’re all about the songs first, but once we’ve got our live show down, we make sure we look our best. All our musical heroes always dressed the part, so you’ve got to keep up the tradition, haven’t you?

MIMR: Can’t wait to experience your thrilling live show in the flesh very soon. What was your favourite gig of last year?

Grace: We played the main stage of Feel Good Festival back in August of last year, that was hands down my favourite gig of the year – possibly my favourite gig ever! It was absolutely tipping it down but there were a good couple of thousand people who still braved the rain to watch our set, which was amazing. We also filmed the video for our latest single ‘Electrify’ at that gig too, so we’ve ended up with a nice reminder of it.

MIMR: Great to have you on MIMR, good luck for 2017, wishing you every success. Did any of the band have any new year resolutions?

Jess: Not really. We’re just going with the flow and we just want to keep playing more and more music and having as much fun as possible

Listen to last single ‘Electrify’ here


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