MIMR Albums Best of 2016

50. Templars ‘Inelegant Relations’

49. Rope ‘Manteison Bodolaeth (Or The Perks Of Being)’

48. !Ay Carmela! ‘Working Weeks’

47. The Boxer Rebellion ‘Ocean By Ocean’

46. New York Tourists ‘You + Me’

45. Bleached ‘Welcome The Worms’

44. Paws ‘No Grace’

43. Young Romance ‘Another’s Blood’

42. Kiran Leonard ‘Grapefruit’

41. Tacocat ‘Lost Time’

40. Milk Teeth ‘Vile Child’

39. Suns Of Thyme ‘Cascades’

38. Big Wave Riders ‘Endless Summer’

37. Beach Fatigue ‘Beach Fatigue’

36. The Chordaes ‘Touch The Ground’

35. The Speed Of Sound ‘Everything Changes’

34. Hot Shorts ‘Hot Shorts’

33. Sulk ‘No Illusions’

32. Asylums ‘Killer Brain Waves’

31. Hinds ‘Leave Me Alone’

30. Ex Magician ‘Scan The Blue’

29. Thee Mightees ‘Glimmer’

28. James Kruman ‘Twitch’

27. The Empty Page ‘Unfolding’

26. Mums ‘Land Of Giants’

25. Sunflower Bean ‘Human Ceremony’

24. Simmer ‘Paper Prisms’

23. Happy Accidents ‘You Might Be Right’

22. Audacity ‘Hyper Vessels’

21. Antelopes ‘Wrestlemania’

20. Bones Shake ‘Junk’

19. Man Made ‘TV Broke My Brain’

18. Hooton Tennis Club ‘Big Box Of Chocolates’

17. Bill Ryder-Jones ‘West Kirby County Primary’

16. Viola Beach ‘Viola Beach’

15. Wake Island ‘Out’

14. Vivienne The Witch ‘Shadowbox’

13. Tuff Love ‘Resort’

12. The Lucid Dream ‘Compulsion Songs’

11.Delamere ‘Delamere’

10. Hen Party ‘Glitter Sweats’

9. Narcs ‘A Thinking Animal’

8. Castles ‘Fforesteering’

7. Oscar ‘Cut and Paste’

6. Meilyr Jones ‘2013’

5. Spring King ‘Tell Me If You Like To’

4. Telegram ‘Operator’

3. Sweet Deals On Surgery ‘The Snake and The Snoozer’

2. The Hyena Kill ‘Atomised’

1. Pipedream ‘Secret Beach’

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