MIMR Daily Tunes No.44: Flood Manual ‘Fooled Us’

As this year is drawing to a close we turn our attention to what 2017 will bring and what bands will ultimately have success over the next 12 months, this next band falls into this bracket. Flood Manual are a indie-rock quartet based in Manchester who look to rip it up next year.
Their latest single Fooled Us released just in time for Christmas and is certainly a track to fill you with festive cheer. Shimmering guitars, delighful hooks and catchy lyrics make for a track that will make you stand up and pay attention to their future movements.

MIMR spoke to Louis from the band, firstly i asked about the latest track 

Louis Fooled Us is for the most part about feeling let down about something you’ve been really excited about. It’s a bit of a ‘piss off’ song, aimed at the people who’ve disappointed you. It’s not particularly angry, it’s more just like ‘Okay, that just happened. Whatever’. We’re not angry people, promise. 

I then asked about their plans for next year, looks like it will be a busy one
LouisWe have so many things we want to do as a band. Some of which are large-scale projects that will take us a lot of time (and money) to do, so it’s hard to say when they’ll actually be realised, but we’ll get there eventually. Every song we write gets better and better so we’re very excited about that. We’ll do a heck of a lot more gigging in the new year. At some point we’ll get together with some of our band buddies/music mates from other areas and do a bit of an explore tour. Being from Shrewsbury, Birmingham is my closest city and I’ve never actually played a show there which is very silly. 

Finally i asked to share with MIMR how help from the record label benefits the band.
Louis: We’re so happy to be working with Further Sky. They’ve helped us release our single and get a bit of media attention. Also to be on a roster with such cool bands is awesome. We played a show recently with the guys in Hover Bored who were brilliant, it was a fun night. We hope to get some other things like merch sorted soon. (Also world tour, biiiig world tour. And Flood Manual back scratchers. And Flood Manual’s own baked beans.)
You can listen to the track here:


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