MIMR Top 50 EPs of 2016

50. The Surrealists ‘Terrortoma’

49. Puppet Theory ‘Buttons’

48. Marsicans ‘The Absence EP’

47. Laura Esther ‘Mysterious Boy’

46. Alimony Hustle ‘All Strikes No Gutters’

45. Cal Ruddy ‘Communication’

44. Cornithians ‘Crossed Horizions EP’

43. Dsylexic Postcards ‘Spare The Altar’

42. Colour Me Wednesday ‘Anyone and Everyone’

41. The Assist ‘Trouble’


40. Hunck ‘Never Had A Dream’

39. Baby In Vain ‘For The Kids’

38. Sam Ryder ‘S.R’

37. Sly Antics ‘Captive City’

36. Dream Wife ‘EP01’

35. The Protagonists ‘Girls’

34. No Ditching ‘Baby Ghosts’

33. Chloe Jones ‘Meet You There’

32. Fightmilk ‘The Curse Of Fightmilk’

31. The Mantells ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’

30. Day Wave ‘Hard To Read’

29. TV Sets ‘These Rifle Years’

28. Gorj ‘Drain EP’

27. SlowHandClap ‘Cheers Now, Cya Now’

26. IAOTU ‘Lotus’

25. The Madding Crowd ‘The 78th Bridge On The Rochdale Canal’

24. Berries ‘Those Funny Things’

23. The Hubbards ‘Cold Cut’

22. The Van Ts ‘A Coming Of Age’

21. Peaks ‘If I Was A Dinosaur I’d Bite Yer Head Off’

20. The Kickstand Band ‘Summer Dream’

19. Mirror Gorillas ‘Alright, Alright, Alright EP’

18. Cabbage ‘Le Chou’

17. Pines ‘Technicolour Rendered’

16. Bones Shake ‘Cracked Lips’

15. Lavender ‘Supreme Foliage EP’

14. Young Mountains ‘Cannula’

13. Chris Tavener ‘I’m Sorrdy Bi’m Drunnk’

12. Patty Hearst ‘Patty Hearst EP’

11. Affairs ‘Stained Gold’

10. The Orielles ‘Jobin’

9. Summerhouse ‘Summerhouse EP’

8. The Jade Assembly ‘Sundays and Occasional Wednesdays’

7. Seazoo ‘Jumbo’

6. Darma ‘Milk’

5. Peaks ‘Hollowhead’

4. New Luna ‘New Luna’

3. Easy Kill ‘Sermons’

2. Mowbird ‘Greetings, All!’

1. False Advertising ‘Brainless’

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