MIMR Band Chat: Peaks

With the recent release of new EP ‘Hollowhead’ Peaks has certainly not wasted anytime getting heard and its a record that delights with mesemerising results.

MIMR spoke to our good friend Ben about the project and of course the new EP 

MIMR: Always a pleasure to have Mr Forrester on the blog, before we talk about the new EP, what else have you been up to with the Peaks project recently?
Ben: All the behind the scenes stuff really. I’ve been sorting out some future shows, getting the EP packaged up and ready to go and writing some new songs too! It’s pretty much a one man operation being in Peaks. It’s been quite a busy few months since I finished the EP! It can be hard trying to push your project on to people but thanks to nice folk like yourself, things seem to be ticking along nicely at the moment! 

MIMR: Tell us all about the new EP then, what’s it about and where does it draw inspiration from?
Ben: Well, I recorded in two days with my good friend Dan Wild-Beesley at his lovely home in Whaley Range. We had a proper nice weekend, it was very chilled but at the same time we managed to get it all down really quickly which allowed us time to go back and add sweet little flourishes! 

Lyrically, it’s about leaning towards a more positive head space. It’s a continuation from the last EP in that sense, it’s all about the balance of overthinking and underthinking. Musically, it draws from lots of post rock and twiddly ego 

 stuff with hints of Americana style indie rock. It’s got something for everyone I feel!

MIMR: Now you’ve had a few more shows under your belt, how have you coped with the transition into being a solo performer and has experience been as you expected at all?
Ben: Of course, it was a little nerve wracking at first because there’s no one else to bounce off, it’s just you. But I’ve managed to relax into quite quickly, I use to do solo stuff when I was younger so it’s all come back to me! Everyone has been really nice and I’ve played a couple of really ace shows where the crowds have been super lovely so if anything it’s been more than I expected! 

MIMR: What can we expect from Peaks in 2017?

Ben: Well, the plan is to do a bit of touring at the start of the year in the UK, try and get out to a few different places, see some new sights! I’d like to get a single out in the spring, I’m actually writing for that at the moment. Then I kinda wanna get into album mode, I’ve never made a proper album before so I’m pretty excited to tuck into that! But, we’ll see really, who knows what to expect!  
MIMR: I know that some people dislike christmas songs, they are a few rough tunes out there but if you could pick one to include in your set, which one would it be and why?
Ben: I was talking about this the other day actually! My favourite Christmas song is ‘simply having a wonderful Christmas time’ by Paul McCartney, that lead synth melody is genius! Although, I don’t think I’m quite skilled enough to pull that off live! When I was in school, me and sister did a cover of ‘Merry Christmas everyone’ by shaking Stevens at our school carol service, and everyone was rockin’ in the pughs! We even put in a verse of that Snow Patrol song that was big at the time just for kicks! Brought the house down, I tell yer! 

MIMR: Thanks once again Ben for sharing your thoughts on the blog, look forward to seeing you at some shows very soon. How can people get to listen to the new EP?

Ben: No worries my dude, always a pleasure. You can listen it and buy it on my bandcamp its also available through a bunch of other online retailers too, you can even stream it on Spotify!

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