MIMR 150 Best Tracks of 2016

15o. Jack Dean ‘The Light Of The Day’

149. Rina Mishonga ‘Bullet’

148. Pale Honey ‘Real Thing’

147. Hollows ‘Barcodes’

146. Daisy Victoria ‘Animal Lover’

145. Suns Of Thyme ‘Do or Die’

144. The Chordaes ‘Get The Feeling’

143. Useless Cities ‘Stay’

142. Seprona ‘How Much Time’

141. !Ay Carmela ‘Crying In Public’

140. The Jacobins ‘Hasty’

139. Big Wave Riders ‘Escaping The City’

138. Sam Ryder ‘Raven, Rook and Crow’

137. Rosey Cale ‘Walked Away’

136. Night Flowers ‘Glow In The Dark’

135. Thing ‘Catcall’

134. Elevant ‘Hide It Away’

133. The Bear Around Your Neck ‘All The Way Down’

132. Violetide ‘The Cave’

131. Chupa Cabra ‘Mouths To Feed’

130. Hot Shorts ‘My Phone is A Piece Of Shit’

129. Trecco Beis ‘Hummingbird’

128. The Assist ‘Tell Her How You Feel’

127. The Hotspur Press ‘Other People’

126. Heat ‘Lush’

125. Chloe Jones ‘Meet You There’

124. Playacting ‘Upward Mobility’

123. Beach Fatigue ‘Drunken Grrrls’

122. The Audacity ‘Counting The Days’

121. Dyslexic Postcards ‘Now They Know’

120. The Fontaines ‘Cold’

119. Marlon Brando Island ‘A Troubled Past’

118. The Speed Of Sound ‘Shut All The Clubs’

117. Wake Island ‘Never Entirely There’

116. Her’s ‘Marcel’

115. Plaza ‘Totem’

114. The Showers ‘Bella’

113. The Empty Page ‘Deeply Unlovable’

112. Cross Wires ‘I Want Radio’

111. Ravellas ‘Belong’

110. Move ‘Take It Slow’

109. Suggested Friends ‘Chicken’

108. President Ray-Gun ‘You Make Me Sick’

107. Fliiis ‘Conversations’

106. HMS Morris ‘Interior Design’

105. Factory ‘Dynamite’

104. Puppet Theory ‘ Young and Youthful’

103. Baby In Vain ‘Martha’s View’

102. Cal Ruddy ‘Maria’

101. Hunck ‘Up In The Sky’

100. Golden Fable ‘The Return’

99. Ambiere ‘Conscience’

98. Colour Me Wednesday ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’

97. Mono Sideboards ‘For Laura, For The Morning’

96. Dream Wife ‘Hey Heartbreaker’

95. Exmagician ‘Kiss That Wealth Goodbye’

94. Turf ‘If It Makes You Happy’

93. Trash ‘Workout’

92. Asylums ‘Neccessary Appliances’

91. Rinse ‘Not Too Late’

90. Brahma-Loka ‘Noble Savage’

89. Thee Mightees ‘Emoji Dreamworld’

88. Maximum High ‘Long Ago’

87. Cassia ‘100 Times Over’

86. Tourist Attractions ‘Million Miles Away’

85. Hover Bored ‘New To You’

84. The Gurus ‘Revel’

83. Flesh ‘Gon and Dun’

82. Flood Manual ‘Fooled Us’

81. Red Light Effect ‘Phosphorus’

80. Lovers Open Fire ‘Circa’

79. Edits ‘Fall Back To Earth’

78. Sly Antics ‘Captive City’

77. Glass Caves ‘Do You Have A Name’

76. Sulk ‘The Only Faith Is Love’

75. Soccer 96 ‘Megadrive Lamborghini’

74. Tyrants ‘Honey’

73. Lyerr ‘Not Going Out’

72. Happy Accidents ‘Running’

71. Ethan and The Reformation ‘Hollandia’

70. Delamere ‘Black and White Space’

69. The Hubbards ‘Cold Cut’

68. Day Wave ‘Deadbeat Girl’

67. TV Sets ‘Try’

66. Dirty Saint ‘Monkey’

65. Mums ‘Little Did They Know’

64. Antelopes ‘(I Will Let You Know) If I Don’t Know’

63. The Madding Crowd ‘Where’s The Glamour’

62. Pines ‘I Never Tell You’

61. I Am Of The Universe ‘Alchemy’

60. Baum Jr ‘When I Grow Up’

59. Pool Art ‘Don’t Feed Me To Them’

58. La Bete Blooms ‘Breaking In’

57. James Kruman ‘Julia’

56. The Kickstand Band ‘I Live For The Sun’

55. Colour Of Spring ‘Snow’

54. The Mantells ‘Stop To Think’

53. Jordan Allen ‘Too Much Too Soon’

52. Mirror Gorillas ‘In Love/All Alone’

51. SlowHandClap ‘Teething’

50. Chris Tavener ‘I’m Better Than You”

49. Shiners ’19 Again’

48. Vivienne The Witch ‘Dreams and Pain’

47. The Orielles ‘Sliders’

46. Castles ‘Fforesteering’

45. The Psychomotors ‘Wanted Woman’

44. Get Inuit ‘My Oh My’

43. The Lucid Dream ‘Bad Texan’

42. Lavender ‘Honey’

41. Narcs ‘Head Boy Sonnet’

40. Simmer ‘Charles’

39. Young Mountains ‘Precious Ritual’

38. The Slovaks ‘Meditate’

37. Berries ‘Waiting’

36. Bruja ‘Scullie’

35. Campfire Social ‘Nothing, Nowhere, Never, Now’

34. Feed The Kid ‘In The City’

33. Blooms ‘Porcelain’

32. Two Cheers ‘Condos’

31. Caesar ‘Hazey’

30. Summerhouse ‘Chlorine’

29. Scholars ‘Still Not Digital’

28. Deja Vega ‘Friends In High Places’

27. Hooton Tennis Club ‘Katy-Anne Bellis’

26. Crimsons ‘Idle Ways’

25. Twin Visions ‘Only Right’

24. Affairs ‘Play’

23. Psyblings ‘Where’s Ya Moon’

22. Hen Party ‘Stay Afraid’

21. Gravves ‘Tribes’

20. The Jade Assembly ‘Nothing Changes’

19. TVAM ‘Gas and Air’

18. Patty Hearst ‘Lucky Funeral’

17. Seazoo ‘Pictures’

16. Darma ‘Milk’

15. Peaness ‘Oh George’

14. Hey Bulldog ‘Divide and Conquer’

13. Peaks ‘Swimmer’

12. Oscar ‘Sometimes’

11. Meilyr Jones ‘How To Recognise A Work Of Art’

10. Liines ‘Disappear’

9. Easy Kill ‘Samson’

8. New Luna ‘Noise’

7. Sweet Deals On Surgery ‘Like, Constantly’

6. The Hyena Kill ‘Crosses’

5. The Roseville Band ‘Order’

4. Mowbird ‘Astral Advice’

3. Pipedream ‘Through The Blinds’

2. False Advertising ‘Scars’

1. Kidsmoke ‘Heartache’

One thought on “MIMR 150 Best Tracks of 2016

  1. Wow, not a single mainstream song on your list. Mine was full of them, although I did include a number of songs by indie artists. I like that you included songs from Dyslexic Postcards, Puppet Theory and Maximum High, bands I’ve featured on my own blog.


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