MIMR Albums Best of 2016

50. Templars ‘Inelegant Relations’

49. Rope ‘Manteison Bodolaeth (Or The Perks Of Being)’

48. !Ay Carmela! ‘Working Weeks’

47. The Boxer Rebellion ‘Ocean By Ocean’

46. New York Tourists ‘You + Me’

45. Bleached ‘Welcome The Worms’

44. Paws ‘No Grace’

43. Young Romance ‘Another’s Blood’

42. Kiran Leonard ‘Grapefruit’

41. Tacocat ‘Lost Time’

40. Milk Teeth ‘Vile Child’

39. Suns Of Thyme ‘Cascades’

38. Big Wave Riders ‘Endless Summer’

37. Beach Fatigue ‘Beach Fatigue’

36. The Chordaes ‘Touch The Ground’

35. The Speed Of Sound ‘Everything Changes’

34. Hot Shorts ‘Hot Shorts’

33. Sulk ‘No Illusions’

32. Asylums ‘Killer Brain Waves’

31. Hinds ‘Leave Me Alone’

30. Ex Magician ‘Scan The Blue’

29. Thee Mightees ‘Glimmer’

28. James Kruman ‘Twitch’

27. The Empty Page ‘Unfolding’

26. Mums ‘Land Of Giants’

25. Sunflower Bean ‘Human Ceremony’

24. Simmer ‘Paper Prisms’

23. Happy Accidents ‘You Might Be Right’

22. Audacity ‘Hyper Vessels’

21. Antelopes ‘Wrestlemania’

20. Bones Shake ‘Junk’

19. Man Made ‘TV Broke My Brain’

18. Hooton Tennis Club ‘Big Box Of Chocolates’

17. Bill Ryder-Jones ‘West Kirby County Primary’

16. Viola Beach ‘Viola Beach’

15. Wake Island ‘Out’

14. Vivienne The Witch ‘Shadowbox’

13. Tuff Love ‘Resort’

12. The Lucid Dream ‘Compulsion Songs’

11.Delamere ‘Delamere’

10. Hen Party ‘Glitter Sweats’

9. Narcs ‘A Thinking Animal’

8. Castles ‘Fforesteering’

7. Oscar ‘Cut and Paste’

6. Meilyr Jones ‘2013’

5. Spring King ‘Tell Me If You Like To’

4. Telegram ‘Operator’

3. Sweet Deals On Surgery ‘The Snake and The Snoozer’

2. The Hyena Kill ‘Atomised’

1. Pipedream ‘Secret Beach’

MIMR Daily Tunes No.44: Flood Manual ‘Fooled Us’

As this year is drawing to a close we turn our attention to what 2017 will bring and what bands will ultimately have success over the next 12 months, this next band falls into this bracket. Flood Manual are a indie-rock quartet based in Manchester who look to rip it up next year.
Their latest single Fooled Us released just in time for Christmas and is certainly a track to fill you with festive cheer. Shimmering guitars, delighful hooks and catchy lyrics make for a track that will make you stand up and pay attention to their future movements.

MIMR spoke to Louis from the band, firstly i asked about the latest track 

Louis Fooled Us is for the most part about feeling let down about something you’ve been really excited about. It’s a bit of a ‘piss off’ song, aimed at the people who’ve disappointed you. It’s not particularly angry, it’s more just like ‘Okay, that just happened. Whatever’. We’re not angry people, promise. 

I then asked about their plans for next year, looks like it will be a busy one
LouisWe have so many things we want to do as a band. Some of which are large-scale projects that will take us a lot of time (and money) to do, so it’s hard to say when they’ll actually be realised, but we’ll get there eventually. Every song we write gets better and better so we’re very excited about that. We’ll do a heck of a lot more gigging in the new year. At some point we’ll get together with some of our band buddies/music mates from other areas and do a bit of an explore tour. Being from Shrewsbury, Birmingham is my closest city and I’ve never actually played a show there which is very silly. 

Finally i asked to share with MIMR how help from the record label benefits the band.
Louis: We’re so happy to be working with Further Sky. They’ve helped us release our single and get a bit of media attention. Also to be on a roster with such cool bands is awesome. We played a show recently with the guys in Hover Bored who were brilliant, it was a fun night. We hope to get some other things like merch sorted soon. (Also world tour, biiiig world tour. And Flood Manual back scratchers. And Flood Manual’s own baked beans.)
You can listen to the track here:


MIMR Top 50 EPs of 2016

50. The Surrealists ‘Terrortoma’

49. Puppet Theory ‘Buttons’

48. Marsicans ‘The Absence EP’

47. Laura Esther ‘Mysterious Boy’

46. Alimony Hustle ‘All Strikes No Gutters’

45. Cal Ruddy ‘Communication’

44. Cornithians ‘Crossed Horizions EP’

43. Dsylexic Postcards ‘Spare The Altar’

42. Colour Me Wednesday ‘Anyone and Everyone’

41. The Assist ‘Trouble’


40. Hunck ‘Never Had A Dream’

39. Baby In Vain ‘For The Kids’

38. Sam Ryder ‘S.R’

37. Sly Antics ‘Captive City’

36. Dream Wife ‘EP01’

35. The Protagonists ‘Girls’

34. No Ditching ‘Baby Ghosts’

33. Chloe Jones ‘Meet You There’

32. Fightmilk ‘The Curse Of Fightmilk’

31. The Mantells ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’

30. Day Wave ‘Hard To Read’

29. TV Sets ‘These Rifle Years’

28. Gorj ‘Drain EP’

27. SlowHandClap ‘Cheers Now, Cya Now’

26. IAOTU ‘Lotus’

25. The Madding Crowd ‘The 78th Bridge On The Rochdale Canal’

24. Berries ‘Those Funny Things’

23. The Hubbards ‘Cold Cut’

22. The Van Ts ‘A Coming Of Age’

21. Peaks ‘If I Was A Dinosaur I’d Bite Yer Head Off’

20. The Kickstand Band ‘Summer Dream’

19. Mirror Gorillas ‘Alright, Alright, Alright EP’

18. Cabbage ‘Le Chou’

17. Pines ‘Technicolour Rendered’

16. Bones Shake ‘Cracked Lips’

15. Lavender ‘Supreme Foliage EP’

14. Young Mountains ‘Cannula’

13. Chris Tavener ‘I’m Sorrdy Bi’m Drunnk’

12. Patty Hearst ‘Patty Hearst EP’

11. Affairs ‘Stained Gold’

10. The Orielles ‘Jobin’

9. Summerhouse ‘Summerhouse EP’

8. The Jade Assembly ‘Sundays and Occasional Wednesdays’

7. Seazoo ‘Jumbo’

6. Darma ‘Milk’

5. Peaks ‘Hollowhead’

4. New Luna ‘New Luna’

3. Easy Kill ‘Sermons’

2. Mowbird ‘Greetings, All!’

1. False Advertising ‘Brainless’

MIMR 150 Best Tracks of 2016

15o. Jack Dean ‘The Light Of The Day’

149. Rina Mishonga ‘Bullet’

148. Pale Honey ‘Real Thing’

147. Hollows ‘Barcodes’

146. Daisy Victoria ‘Animal Lover’

145. Suns Of Thyme ‘Do or Die’

144. The Chordaes ‘Get The Feeling’

143. Useless Cities ‘Stay’

142. Seprona ‘How Much Time’

141. !Ay Carmela ‘Crying In Public’

140. The Jacobins ‘Hasty’

139. Big Wave Riders ‘Escaping The City’

138. Sam Ryder ‘Raven, Rook and Crow’

137. Rosey Cale ‘Walked Away’

136. Night Flowers ‘Glow In The Dark’

135. Thing ‘Catcall’

134. Elevant ‘Hide It Away’

133. The Bear Around Your Neck ‘All The Way Down’

132. Violetide ‘The Cave’

131. Chupa Cabra ‘Mouths To Feed’

130. Hot Shorts ‘My Phone is A Piece Of Shit’

129. Trecco Beis ‘Hummingbird’

128. The Assist ‘Tell Her How You Feel’

127. The Hotspur Press ‘Other People’

126. Heat ‘Lush’

125. Chloe Jones ‘Meet You There’

124. Playacting ‘Upward Mobility’

123. Beach Fatigue ‘Drunken Grrrls’

122. The Audacity ‘Counting The Days’

121. Dyslexic Postcards ‘Now They Know’

120. The Fontaines ‘Cold’

119. Marlon Brando Island ‘A Troubled Past’

118. The Speed Of Sound ‘Shut All The Clubs’

117. Wake Island ‘Never Entirely There’

116. Her’s ‘Marcel’

115. Plaza ‘Totem’

114. The Showers ‘Bella’

113. The Empty Page ‘Deeply Unlovable’

112. Cross Wires ‘I Want Radio’

111. Ravellas ‘Belong’

110. Move ‘Take It Slow’

109. Suggested Friends ‘Chicken’

108. President Ray-Gun ‘You Make Me Sick’

107. Fliiis ‘Conversations’

106. HMS Morris ‘Interior Design’

105. Factory ‘Dynamite’

104. Puppet Theory ‘ Young and Youthful’

103. Baby In Vain ‘Martha’s View’

102. Cal Ruddy ‘Maria’

101. Hunck ‘Up In The Sky’

100. Golden Fable ‘The Return’

99. Ambiere ‘Conscience’

98. Colour Me Wednesday ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’

97. Mono Sideboards ‘For Laura, For The Morning’

96. Dream Wife ‘Hey Heartbreaker’

95. Exmagician ‘Kiss That Wealth Goodbye’

94. Turf ‘If It Makes You Happy’

93. Trash ‘Workout’

92. Asylums ‘Neccessary Appliances’

91. Rinse ‘Not Too Late’

90. Brahma-Loka ‘Noble Savage’

89. Thee Mightees ‘Emoji Dreamworld’

88. Maximum High ‘Long Ago’

87. Cassia ‘100 Times Over’

86. Tourist Attractions ‘Million Miles Away’

85. Hover Bored ‘New To You’

84. The Gurus ‘Revel’

83. Flesh ‘Gon and Dun’

82. Flood Manual ‘Fooled Us’

81. Red Light Effect ‘Phosphorus’

80. Lovers Open Fire ‘Circa’

79. Edits ‘Fall Back To Earth’

78. Sly Antics ‘Captive City’

77. Glass Caves ‘Do You Have A Name’

76. Sulk ‘The Only Faith Is Love’

75. Soccer 96 ‘Megadrive Lamborghini’

74. Tyrants ‘Honey’

73. Lyerr ‘Not Going Out’

72. Happy Accidents ‘Running’

71. Ethan and The Reformation ‘Hollandia’

70. Delamere ‘Black and White Space’

69. The Hubbards ‘Cold Cut’

68. Day Wave ‘Deadbeat Girl’

67. TV Sets ‘Try’

66. Dirty Saint ‘Monkey’

65. Mums ‘Little Did They Know’

64. Antelopes ‘(I Will Let You Know) If I Don’t Know’

63. The Madding Crowd ‘Where’s The Glamour’

62. Pines ‘I Never Tell You’

61. I Am Of The Universe ‘Alchemy’

60. Baum Jr ‘When I Grow Up’

59. Pool Art ‘Don’t Feed Me To Them’

58. La Bete Blooms ‘Breaking In’

57. James Kruman ‘Julia’

56. The Kickstand Band ‘I Live For The Sun’

55. Colour Of Spring ‘Snow’

54. The Mantells ‘Stop To Think’

53. Jordan Allen ‘Too Much Too Soon’

52. Mirror Gorillas ‘In Love/All Alone’

51. SlowHandClap ‘Teething’

50. Chris Tavener ‘I’m Better Than You”

49. Shiners ’19 Again’

48. Vivienne The Witch ‘Dreams and Pain’

47. The Orielles ‘Sliders’

46. Castles ‘Fforesteering’

45. The Psychomotors ‘Wanted Woman’

44. Get Inuit ‘My Oh My’

43. The Lucid Dream ‘Bad Texan’

42. Lavender ‘Honey’

41. Narcs ‘Head Boy Sonnet’

40. Simmer ‘Charles’

39. Young Mountains ‘Precious Ritual’

38. The Slovaks ‘Meditate’

37. Berries ‘Waiting’

36. Bruja ‘Scullie’

35. Campfire Social ‘Nothing, Nowhere, Never, Now’

34. Feed The Kid ‘In The City’

33. Blooms ‘Porcelain’

32. Two Cheers ‘Condos’

31. Caesar ‘Hazey’

30. Summerhouse ‘Chlorine’

29. Scholars ‘Still Not Digital’

28. Deja Vega ‘Friends In High Places’

27. Hooton Tennis Club ‘Katy-Anne Bellis’

26. Crimsons ‘Idle Ways’

25. Twin Visions ‘Only Right’

24. Affairs ‘Play’

23. Psyblings ‘Where’s Ya Moon’

22. Hen Party ‘Stay Afraid’

21. Gravves ‘Tribes’

20. The Jade Assembly ‘Nothing Changes’

19. TVAM ‘Gas and Air’

18. Patty Hearst ‘Lucky Funeral’

17. Seazoo ‘Pictures’

16. Darma ‘Milk’

15. Peaness ‘Oh George’

14. Hey Bulldog ‘Divide and Conquer’

13. Peaks ‘Swimmer’

12. Oscar ‘Sometimes’

11. Meilyr Jones ‘How To Recognise A Work Of Art’

10. Liines ‘Disappear’

9. Easy Kill ‘Samson’

8. New Luna ‘Noise’

7. Sweet Deals On Surgery ‘Like, Constantly’

6. The Hyena Kill ‘Crosses’

5. The Roseville Band ‘Order’

4. Mowbird ‘Astral Advice’

3. Pipedream ‘Through The Blinds’

2. False Advertising ‘Scars’

1. Kidsmoke ‘Heartache’

MIMR Band Chat: Peaks

With the recent release of new EP ‘Hollowhead’ Peaks has certainly not wasted anytime getting heard and its a record that delights with mesemerising results.

MIMR spoke to our good friend Ben about the project and of course the new EP 

MIMR: Always a pleasure to have Mr Forrester on the blog, before we talk about the new EP, what else have you been up to with the Peaks project recently?
Ben: All the behind the scenes stuff really. I’ve been sorting out some future shows, getting the EP packaged up and ready to go and writing some new songs too! It’s pretty much a one man operation being in Peaks. It’s been quite a busy few months since I finished the EP! It can be hard trying to push your project on to people but thanks to nice folk like yourself, things seem to be ticking along nicely at the moment! 

MIMR: Tell us all about the new EP then, what’s it about and where does it draw inspiration from?
Ben: Well, I recorded in two days with my good friend Dan Wild-Beesley at his lovely home in Whaley Range. We had a proper nice weekend, it was very chilled but at the same time we managed to get it all down really quickly which allowed us time to go back and add sweet little flourishes! 

Lyrically, it’s about leaning towards a more positive head space. It’s a continuation from the last EP in that sense, it’s all about the balance of overthinking and underthinking. Musically, it draws from lots of post rock and twiddly ego 

 stuff with hints of Americana style indie rock. It’s got something for everyone I feel!

MIMR: Now you’ve had a few more shows under your belt, how have you coped with the transition into being a solo performer and has experience been as you expected at all?
Ben: Of course, it was a little nerve wracking at first because there’s no one else to bounce off, it’s just you. But I’ve managed to relax into quite quickly, I use to do solo stuff when I was younger so it’s all come back to me! Everyone has been really nice and I’ve played a couple of really ace shows where the crowds have been super lovely so if anything it’s been more than I expected! 

MIMR: What can we expect from Peaks in 2017?

Ben: Well, the plan is to do a bit of touring at the start of the year in the UK, try and get out to a few different places, see some new sights! I’d like to get a single out in the spring, I’m actually writing for that at the moment. Then I kinda wanna get into album mode, I’ve never made a proper album before so I’m pretty excited to tuck into that! But, we’ll see really, who knows what to expect!  
MIMR: I know that some people dislike christmas songs, they are a few rough tunes out there but if you could pick one to include in your set, which one would it be and why?
Ben: I was talking about this the other day actually! My favourite Christmas song is ‘simply having a wonderful Christmas time’ by Paul McCartney, that lead synth melody is genius! Although, I don’t think I’m quite skilled enough to pull that off live! When I was in school, me and sister did a cover of ‘Merry Christmas everyone’ by shaking Stevens at our school carol service, and everyone was rockin’ in the pughs! We even put in a verse of that Snow Patrol song that was big at the time just for kicks! Brought the house down, I tell yer! 

MIMR: Thanks once again Ben for sharing your thoughts on the blog, look forward to seeing you at some shows very soon. How can people get to listen to the new EP?

Ben: No worries my dude, always a pleasure. You can listen it and buy it on my bandcamp its also available through a bunch of other online retailers too, you can even stream it on Spotify!

MIMR Gig Gallery: Lock 38 Records feat. Blue Kassette, Black Sonic Revolver, Violetide and Tyrants

MIMR rocked up to The Castle last week (friday 2nd) for the latest Lock 38 Records event and was not disappointed, it was a enthralling evening of live music from 4 top bands.

Here are a few snapshots from the evening, beginning with indie rock trio Tyrants “a thrill a second, rip-rawing live performance, 2017 should be huge for these guys”

Next up was the debut set by Stoke rockers Violetide “a statement of intent made from 1st riff to last, a storming set”

The penultimate act on the night was Manchester’s very own Black Sonic Revolver “a more than pleasing reveal into new, promising material, captivating vocals and a instant feeling of happiness”

To end the evening that Lock 38 Records had served us was the last hurrah for indie pop act Blue Kassette “the send offs of all send offs, emotionally charged performance that hit the heights that the night deserved, best possible way to say goodbye’

MIMR Daily Tunes No.43: Glass Caves ‘Do You Have a Name’

Jumping from busking sensations to a accomplished and determined to succeed outfit is what this next band on Daily Tunes have certainly achieved as is shown by their latest single.

Pontefract 4-piece Glass Caves release ‘Do You Have A Name’ this friday (9th Dec) and its a instant reward for how much hard work can pay off for a band if its applied in the right way. This limitless ambition has seen the band gather a ever-increasing passionate following and everything looks set to blossom more into next year.

This track shows off Glass Caves at their powerful best, attention grabbing guitars and atmospheric beats, a complete rock anthem sound of the highest order. 

So shake off your winter blues and let this tune make you get up and dance, Glass Caves here to raise the temperature up a few notches!
Check the video out here, the single will be available from online music sites on Friday (9th Dec)