MIMR Albums Best of 2016

50. Templars ‘Inelegant Relations’ 49. Rope ‘Manteison Bodolaeth (Or The Perks Of Being)’ 48. !Ay Carmela! ‘Working Weeks’ 47. The Boxer Rebellion ‘Ocean By Ocean’ 46. New York Tourists ‘You + Me’ 45. Bleached ‘Welcome The Worms’ 44. Paws ‘No Grace’ 43. Young Romance ‘Another’s Blood’ 42. Kiran Leonard ‘Grapefruit’ 41. Tacocat ‘Lost Time’ 40. MilkContinue reading “MIMR Albums Best of 2016”

MIMR Daily Tunes No.44: Flood Manual ‘Fooled Us’

As this year is drawing to a close we turn our attention to what 2017 will bring and what bands will ultimately have success over the next 12 months, this next band falls into this bracket. Flood Manual are a indie-rock quartet based in Manchester who look to rip it up next year. Their latestContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.44: Flood Manual ‘Fooled Us’”

MIMR Top 50 EPs of 2016

50. The Surrealists ‘Terrortoma’ 49. Puppet Theory ‘Buttons’ 48. Marsicans ‘The Absence EP’ 47. Laura Esther ‘Mysterious Boy’ 46. Alimony Hustle ‘All Strikes No Gutters’ 45. Cal Ruddy ‘Communication’ 44. Cornithians ‘Crossed Horizions EP’ 43. Dsylexic Postcards ‘Spare The Altar’ 42. Colour Me Wednesday ‘Anyone and Everyone’ 41. The Assist ‘Trouble’   40. Hunck ‘NeverContinue reading “MIMR Top 50 EPs of 2016”

MIMR 150 Best Tracks of 2016

15o. Jack Dean ‘The Light Of The Day’ 149. Rina Mishonga ‘Bullet’ 148. Pale Honey ‘Real Thing’ 147. Hollows ‘Barcodes’ 146. Daisy Victoria ‘Animal Lover’ 145. Suns Of Thyme ‘Do or Die’ 144. The Chordaes ‘Get The Feeling’ 143. Useless Cities ‘Stay’ 142. Seprona ‘How Much Time’ 141. !Ay Carmela ‘Crying In Public’ 140. TheContinue reading “MIMR 150 Best Tracks of 2016”

MIMR Gig Gallery: Lock 38 Records feat. Blue Kassette, Black Sonic Revolver, Violetide and Tyrants

MIMR rocked up to The Castle last week (friday 2nd) for the latest Lock 38 Records event and was not disappointed, it was a enthralling evening of live music from 4 top bands. Here are a few snapshots from the evening, beginning with indie rock trio Tyrants “a thrill a second, rip-rawing live performance, 2017Continue reading “MIMR Gig Gallery: Lock 38 Records feat. Blue Kassette, Black Sonic Revolver, Violetide and Tyrants”

MIMR Daily Tunes No.43: Glass Caves ‘Do You Have a Name’

Jumping from busking sensations to a accomplished and determined to succeed outfit is what this next band on Daily Tunes have certainly achieved as is shown by their latest single. Pontefract 4-piece Glass Caves release ‘Do You Have A Name’ this friday (9th Dec) and its a instant reward for how much hard work canContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.43: Glass Caves ‘Do You Have a Name’”