MIMR Band Chat: Violetide

Heading on the road to Manchester for the latest Lock 38 Records gig this saturday, MIMR introduces Indie, synth-rock foursome Violetide and if their recent debut single is anything to go by it wont be the last mention they get on the blog.

MIMR spoke to Andy from the band about the single, their plans for the future and the upcoming gig for Lock 38 Records this weekend.

MIMR: Great to have Violetide on the blog, how would you describe your sound and what other genres of music do you take inspiration from?

Andy: First of all thanks for having us on the blog it mean a lot to the band, from past experiences from other projects we feel we found our sound and developed a new enthusiasm exploring a more atmospheric synth driven sound, out of this formed Violetide. 

The band listen to a wide range of genres and each member brings a little something to the bands overall sound. We have always took inspiration from classic bands and artists such as David Bowie, Joy Division and Depeche Mode right up to more contemporary bands.

MIMR: Tell us about your recent single ‘The Cave’ and can we expect more releases in the near future?

Andy: The Cave was written in a late night session in our home recording studio, the track came from the four of us jamming ideas when all of a sudden it just clicked and all fell into place . We recorded a raw demo in one night and that’s pretty much what you hear on the released recording.

We thought as a band it was the perfect introduction to who we are and what we sound like. Violetide have an albums worth of recordings ready to go, we just want to pick the right song for the right time. We hope to release the next single in early 2017 with our first EP realised soon after.

MIMR: Looking ahead to the upcoming Manchester gig at The Castle for Lock 38 Records, can you describe what kind of live show we will witness on the 3rd December?

Andy: We as a band are unsure of what to expect on the 3rd of December… It’s our debut as a band but with 18 months of planning and writing we hope we will do ourselves and the people of Manchester justice.

MIMR: With Christmas just around the corner, music always plays a big part in the celebrations, some good and some awful, if you could cover a christmas song which one would it be and why?

Andy: One Christmas song we have covered in the past was Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody but now a couple of members of the band are fathers so The Jackson 5 – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus would be most appropriate.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to MIMR, see you at The Castle. Where can everyone follow you on the internet then?

Andy: Thanks again for having us, please feel free to like our page on Facebook VioletideUK and on Twitter @Violetideuk or you can listen to all our new releases on the major streaming platforms Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, Amazon Music etc

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