MIMR Band Chat: Black Sonic Revolver

​The latest leg for Lock 38 records is Manchester bound next week and one of MIMR favourite venues The Castle will be the place to be on saturday night to see 4 superb acts.

One of these acts are Black Sonic Revolver who Rock n Roll grooves are sure to bring the house down at The Castle. MIMR spoke to frontman Leon ahead of the gig to get just a glimpse of what to expect on the 3rd December.

Introducing Black Sonic Revolver to MIMR, tell us about the band and what influences you have on your sound?

Leon: The band consists of 4 friends;

Leon James Kenny, Guitar/Vocals

Joe Hall, Guitar

Ryan Vernon, Bass

Dave Smith, Drums

and life’s events have a direct influence on the band. Personal experiences no different to anybody else’s on this big floating rock in space have made up the songs of our 3 albums, 2014’s “Black Sonic Revolver”, 2015’s “Life on a Knife Edge” and our new album “Different!”, which comes from a saying within the band, out in 2017.

What’s it been like being in the band this year, what been your highlights?

Leon: Being in a band is great. It’s all we’ve ever wanted to do, so it’s great just to do it in the first place. Just before this year started, our song Storm Clouds was played at Old Trafford, which was followed by a personal invite to be Northside’s main support act at Manchester Academy for their last show. We then released “Life on a Knife Edge” and almost sparked a little riot at The Ritz in January. We’ve been about performing in various cities with our friends The Brazen, who were supporting their album “Laser Lips”, and played shows with The Real People, who, although Liverpudlians, are Mancunian legends (look it up…) and The Sums, who feature another Liverpudlian legend of Manchester… Digsy, a very witty, lovely and above all talented man. Liverpool, as always, has been very good to us this year, and although we disagree over the football, the people and the city are both fantastic. 

Working on our 3rd full length album is the true highlight though. Events come and go. Memories fade. But the music. That’ll outlive us all. 

Looking forward to The Castle gig with Lock 38 Records, what’s your favourite venue in Manchester to play?

Leon: Night & Day Cafe. One because it’s a brilliant venue with a great sound, and secondly because they’ve always looked after us there, made us feel at home, and given us a play to perform, especially as we were starting out. We’ll always grateful to the Night & Day. We’ve had some belting times in there! 

What other bands have you been listening to this year?

Leon: The Brazen and The Rook are 2 great bands we’ve listened to, performed with and watched play a lot this year. Top lads, all of them. The Brazen released their album, as previously mentioned, and me and Smithy drove to Leeds for The Rook’s EP launch and it was bangin’! There’s a great picture from a Birmingham show this year of all 3 bands together, it’s my favourite picture of the year. All good lads, enjoying being creative and supportive of one another. 

In April we have The Brazen with us in Manchester…… Hopefully The Rook too…..

Thanks for being on the blog, see you at The Castle. where can people follow you on social media and check out some tunes?

Leon: We’ve got our fingers in all the pies. Spotify. Soundcloud. iTunes. YouTube. Giz a tweet @BSRevolver … Don’t be shy, we don’t bite. We do get fucking ON IT at the shows though, but again, don’t be shy, you’ll probably end up on tambourine…… Everyone else does! 


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