MIMR Band Chat: The Madding Crowd

Making their permanent mark on the blog are Manchester quartet The Madding Crowd as they embark on their tenacious journey with their eye-catching new EP ready to be unleashed this week. I spoke to Dominic ahead of their EP launch gig this Saturday as well as delving into the record and the message behind it.


MIMR: Welcome to the blog, tell us a bit about the band and what have you been up to this year so far?

 Dominic: Hello, It’s pleasure to be deemed worthy enough to be here, so the privilege is mine. Well, we are called The Madding Crowd; a nod to the Thomas Hardy novel “Far From The  Madding Crowd”  in the convoluted and somewhat naively adolescent sense that we stood apart and thus were the thing that the world was “Far (away)  From…” as 16 year olds, when we picked this name ,we though it revolutionary…Naive as i said, but still we kept the name because you shouldn’t ever lose that wide- eyed desire to want to break away, stand a part, revolt or change the fucking world and we haven’t yet.   We formed in 2010  somewhere between New Moston and Harpurhey primarily  through my Brother and Lead Singer Ben who got me (Dominic) and our Cousin Claudia to Join him on Guitar and Bass Respectively from their after much drummer toil we crossed paths with Savan Patel in 2015 who instantly  excelled us and is one of the most outstanding musicians i have ever seen play. This  year  has mainly revolved around us plotting, recording and general planning for the release of our new E.P. ‘The 78th Bridge On The Rochdale Canal’. with tons of gigs all around the country in Between ( Liverpool, Huddersfield, Glasgow and Manchester…to name 4


MIMR: Tell us about your EP, how did it come about and what inspirations did draw on in creating the record?

Dominic: The EP has Four Songs:

1) You’ll Fucking Get yours

2) January Begins

3) Siking Low

4) Where’s The Glamour ?

The Initial concept for the it came directly from a poem that Ben writ of the same name (The  78th Bridge On The Rochdale Canal) after reading it, the door was sort of unlocked in my head and from there all the themes, colours, sonics and story’s started to form themselves subtly. Perhaps the most present theme that runs through the 4 songs  is the  exploration of our pasts, our childhoods in North Manchester, without the the rose tinted  view that often obscures the more unsettling and fearful aspects of growing up in general. One of these aspect in particular for me and Ben was The 78th Bridge (right near our Childhood house in New Moston) and its surrounding area,we used to dread walking over or under it or anywhere near it at all, though would often have to,to get home.  It was the sort of murky place that just evoked an inherent fear,maybe because of it’s grotty subterranean and secluded nature or maybe just because for whatever reason we associated it with bad things…we tried our best to recapture this unease within the recordings.

MIMR: Your EP launch gig looks like it’s going to be pretty special night, what is your favourite part about playing a big show like this?

Dominic: I really really really hope it is a special night, its the culmination of a lot of hard work and fight for us,we feel like we have created something that its more than worthy of a special introduction into the world. my personal favourite part about playing these bigger gigs is the fact that we can organise them, we can choose the venue and we have complete creative control, which gives us the opportunity to fulfil more of our creative itches, everything can be creative process if you want it to be, a gig doesn’t just have to be a gig, its a reflection of us as a band and in this case a reflection of the E.P. to us the minute details are not at all minute, we picked our support for the night (Spoken Word Poet Genevieve L Walsh and Sam Smith Of The Parish Church Fire ) specifically because they brought something special and exciting to the whole thing, they help turn the gig into an event. there are so many senses you can satisfy in a live setting as well so we tried our best `(with the resources we have) to do this. we’ll also be screening a short film made by ourselves just before we go on. if it was up to me every gig that we took part in would be an event in this manor.

MIMR: Does anyone in the band get nervous or after a moment or two in the toilet before hitting the stage?

Dominic: Erm yes haha the whole concept of playing is a nerve tingling thing for all of us, we are all quite naturally  intorverted as people so we all have our different ways of coping with the existential terror of baring your soul as it where (none of which involve excessive usage of the loo) i think me and ben tend to just use the nervous energy as a catharsis and or purge of emotion…we thrash and lollop about a lot so as not to crumble. Poor old Claud gets so flustered by playing live that she has to sit down and stare at the floor whilst playing and Sav just seems to keep the ship a float with his handsome face and general genius, amidst all our defence mechanism-ing and flailing.



MIMR: With Christmas just around the corner what Christmas song would you choose to cover if you could and why?

Dominic: Hmmm…Hmmm…there is so much ghastly trash the that i’m sifting through in my mind right now and shuddering ( That said i’ll probably still be singing it all on Chistmas Eve though regardless), but amidst it all  there is always a glamour of Christmas hope and it’s genuinely one of the most beautiful songs ever written, The Pogues Ft Kirsty MacColl – Fairytale of New York, it’s to much. I’d cover it simply so i could sing

“I could have been someone

Well, so could anyone
You took my dreams
From me when I first found you…

I kept them with me babe
I put them with my own
I Can’t make it all alone
I’ve built my dreams around you”

It’s just a breathtaking song. those lyrics mean everything (SJWC) ♥


MIMR: Thanks for chatting to MIMR, good luck with the EP. How can people check out latest news and get listen to your music?

Dominic: Thank you very much, i’ve thoroughly enjoyed answering. All Latest news and  Music info can be found at the Following links:




Tickets for the E.P. Lanuch at the Miners Community Arts and Music Centre on 26th November can be found here :


Lead Single from the E.P. ‘January Begins’ can be listened to here :


We are also soon to Be on Spotify Under: The Madding Crowd (UK)

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