MIMR Band Chat: Maximum High

MIMR often stray away from our shores to seek out new and exciting music from further afield and are often not disappointed. This next band prove that fact perfectly, Maximum High from Athens are a dynamic rock band who are highly driven with passion and determined to bring rock music to the fore-front once again.

I spoke to the band about their sound and the music scene back home.


MIMR: Fantastic to have Maximum High on the blog, tell us about how the band were formed and what musical path has your sound taken?

Irene: We are a newly formed 4 piece band. About a year and a half old BUT the friendship has been going back for more than 10 years. The musical paths are just too many but to name a few we would say punk, dub, rock even swing! But honestly there is so much versatility and every individual brings their own unique input in the mix.


MIMR: Loving the EP you have released, how did this come about and what influences helped you create the record?

Dimitri: We’re so glad you like it and thats what’s charging us to keep up the hard work. In all honesty this band was Irene’s idea and the only thing she said was (let’s hit the practice space and see what happens..) The influences are many but anything from Mc5, Ramones, The Kills, Duran Duran ,Queens of the Stone Age, TV on the radio to Ella Fitzgerald and Grace Slick!

MIMR: Many people will of course see Greece as just a holiday destination (a very nice one too) but is they’re vibrant local music scene to indulge yourselves in?

Irene: Indeed Greece is an outstanding place for holidays but also a hotspot of creation and arts. Nowadays with the use of the Internet and social media a band doesn’t have to relocate to London or say New York where rent is stupidly high, instead a band can stay in a smaller place and just focus on the music and use the rent money on music gear  or other things that are needed to stay functional. The scene in Greece is great at the moment but it’s not a new thing even in the 90s there were amazing bands and artists.

MIMR: What’s the favourite part about playing live?

Dimitri: The sweat on stage, interaction, people, energy exchange and the feeling of well being.

MIMR: So whats the next step for the band looking ahead to next year?

Dimitri: Finishing the record, writing new material, booking club shows and a few summer festivals; hopefully we will stay busy.

MIMR: Thanks for talking to MIMR, have a great christmas and happy new year, how can people find out about the band and listen to your music?

Irene: Well, have a lovely Christmas too! People can listen and download our music at: http://maximumhigh.bandcamp.com/releases

Thanks for having us 🙂

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