MIMR Band Chat: Baum JR

Here at MIMR we savour the fresh smell of new music of many genres and this year has been the best yet. Baum Jr is the latest musical act to make his mark on the blog and i caught up with Ste about the debut single and the future of the project…its realy good :p

How did Baum Jr come to exist and what influences do you have on your music?

Ste: I grew up musically in a time when pop punk and nu-metal were big the new genres coming out and at the time I remember thinking that i was some of the coolest stuff i’d ever heard so immediately went out, got a bass and formed a band.

And I’ve basically been making music since then. If I wasn’t at our practice room I would be sat on my laptop programming music. One of the first bands I got into when I started to venture out from the pop punk scene was Sigur Ros, which then opened a world of cinematic sound scores.

I’m also a big fan of the computer games that I grew up on so as time went on I would go into my one little world until all hours each night and come up with these strange little programmed tracks.

There was something about the programming that just struck a chord with me. I can visually see the song in front of me, creating a song that works both audibly and visually , so it felt like it opened a whole new way or writing

I guess the last main influence would be gadgets and technology, anything that makes bleeps and bloops. It never started off as physical synthesisers themselves, just finding ways to manipulate sounds on my computer but as my knowledge of the whole synth world has grown, my interest in them has as well. If I didn’t have a million and one more things pulling at my bank count, I would love to own way more synths than I do!

Tell us all about your debut double A-side single, what made you want to cover a Garbage track?

Ste: If i think back I have memories I can remember solely because of a piece of music. I can remember buying an Apollo 440 cassette single while a friend bought Ace of Base on what could have been any other walking around the shops. I can remember  a simple car journey because Toploader were played on the radio.

Garbage was one of those tracks, but it was actually only from a few years ago. I had always been aware of Garbage growing up, but it just slightly before I really got into music. I very rarely watch TV, but i try and force myself to have nights to switch off, and started watching this show someone recommended, Warehouse 13.

It starts off and has this modern day B-movie vibe to it, and I just got sucked into its daft humoured world. And then in the final season, up pops When I Grow Up, in the soundtrack and built into the plot itself. All of a sudden I can remember a time I’ve heard it before growing up…and it’s was a kinda neat feeling, so the song stuck with me.

Heroes on the other hand came from 100% inside my own head, which is a bit scary to think about, but it was actually one of the earlier song I’d come up with. I remember I had been sat out on my balcony listening to this new idea on my headphones. I was staring up into the stars and I started to think about if I had the chance to reverse time but knowing what I know now, would I take it…and that’s where the rest of the song stemmed from. I also don’t think I would.

What does the future hold for the project, 2017 going to be a busy one?

Ste: I’ve actually just been recording the next single the other week, and I’m going to piece that together with a video this time, so I need to finish all that up. I’m also just about to start rehearsing with a band so we can go out and play live…put that on top of promoting all the tracks, pushing myself on new material and then arranging the next ep/single after that… it’s looking to be even busier. When I was in bands, we all used to share promotion out, but it’s all on me this time and its a lot more work than I think I anticipated…but at least it keeps me sane.

I see you’ve started some vlogs on YouTube, i think it’s a realy good idea to monitor progress for yourself as well as hand out tips for other bands. Are you enjoying this experience?

Ste: Ha, just as a side note, the ‘really’ in this question is missing an L, and it made me smile because when I was 18 I decided to get tattooed with a friend and asked for “This Is a Really Dumb Tattoo” on me…. However, the irony is she asked me to write it down for her, but I spelt it wrong and now have This Is a Realy Dumb Tattoo” on me…and it still to this day makes me laugh. However, the vlog…

The vlog happened mainly out of my own frustrations. You would often hear of a band you know landing something awesome and find yourself wondering how it happened for them. But there was always a feeling that if something cool happens for you, you don’t let on how it happened, and god forbid you asked anyone else how it happened for them.

I then thought back to me starting out and just thought, you know what, it’s stupid. A lot of it can be trial and error and there could be so much cool music out there that may never get heard just because they didn’t know how to get it out there. And the idea for the vlog came about.

I don’t know what other peoples methods are, and i’m not showing you what other bands have done, this is just everything I’ve picked up or discovered and is the only way I know how to make it in music…a lot of late nights researching and hoping someone is on enough of a similar wavelength to want to feature you. Oh, and by having faith in your own tracks.

Thanks for being on the blog, we look forward to covering you again very soon. With Christmas just around the corner what would be happening on a perfect xmas day?

Ste: Ha, my favourite Christmas day was playing Tony Hawks Underground all day, but a perfect Christmas day would be something low key with an unhealthy amount of Christmas music quality streets. I’m a massive fan of Christmas, I love the cold weather, the dark nights, wrapping up and the decorations. And I still get a buzz of excitement leading up to it, but the best moment for me has to be just after it starts to quieten down on Christmas day and the calm starts to set in…and is quiet and peaceful.

Thanks for featuring me, it’s absolutely ace! Enjoy the single y’all!

Check out the double A-side single here:

When I Grow Up


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