MIMR Band Chat: Violetide

Heading on the road to Manchester for the latest Lock 38 Records gig this saturday, MIMR introduces Indie, synth-rock foursome Violetide and if their recent debut single is anything to go by it wont be the last mention they get on the blog.

MIMR spoke to Andy from the band about the single, their plans for the future and the upcoming gig for Lock 38 Records this weekend.

MIMR: Great to have Violetide on the blog, how would you describe your sound and what other genres of music do you take inspiration from?

Andy: First of all thanks for having us on the blog it mean a lot to the band, from past experiences from other projects we feel we found our sound and developed a new enthusiasm exploring a more atmospheric synth driven sound, out of this formed Violetide. 

The band listen to a wide range of genres and each member brings a little something to the bands overall sound. We have always took inspiration from classic bands and artists such as David Bowie, Joy Division and Depeche Mode right up to more contemporary bands.

MIMR: Tell us about your recent single ‘The Cave’ and can we expect more releases in the near future?

Andy: The Cave was written in a late night session in our home recording studio, the track came from the four of us jamming ideas when all of a sudden it just clicked and all fell into place . We recorded a raw demo in one night and that’s pretty much what you hear on the released recording.

We thought as a band it was the perfect introduction to who we are and what we sound like. Violetide have an albums worth of recordings ready to go, we just want to pick the right song for the right time. We hope to release the next single in early 2017 with our first EP realised soon after.

MIMR: Looking ahead to the upcoming Manchester gig at The Castle for Lock 38 Records, can you describe what kind of live show we will witness on the 3rd December?

Andy: We as a band are unsure of what to expect on the 3rd of December… It’s our debut as a band but with 18 months of planning and writing we hope we will do ourselves and the people of Manchester justice.

MIMR: With Christmas just around the corner, music always plays a big part in the celebrations, some good and some awful, if you could cover a christmas song which one would it be and why?

Andy: One Christmas song we have covered in the past was Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody but now a couple of members of the band are fathers so The Jackson 5 – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus would be most appropriate.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to MIMR, see you at The Castle. Where can everyone follow you on the internet then?

Andy: Thanks again for having us, please feel free to like our page on Facebook VioletideUK and on Twitter @Violetideuk or you can listen to all our new releases on the major streaming platforms Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, Amazon Music etc

MIMR Daily Tunes No.42: The Gurus ‘Revel’

A joyous return to the blog is next up on Daily Tunes with Stoke quartet The Gurus serving up a stomping new track from their upcoming EP out later this month. ‘Revel’ released this friday (Dec 2nd) strikes the right chord from the get-go and would certainly not look out of place at a indie disco circa mid 2000s.


Quickfire, stylish riffs are met by soaring vocals and ear-piercing beats that instantly get you hooked, a tune to get you in the mood for a night of tom foolery around town. With a busy Christmas period planned for the band, they head to Manchester this Saturday (3rd Dec) for a huge yuletide party with MIMR favourites The Mantells at Night and Day Cafe.

As we look forward to their EP release, The Gurus look set to step into 2017 with very high hopes and i’m sure they will ‘revel’ in every single minute.


Check out the track here:



MIMR Daily Tunes No.41: New Luna ‘Noise’


Post-Indie dreamers New Luna embark on revealing the fruits of labour and it’s certain to be a explosive climax to 2016. The Manchester quartet release their self-titled EP next week (Dec 6th) with this taster track unwrapped earlier this month, giving us all we need to know for the upcoming record, it’s a sharp-edged, pulsating sound.

Effervescent, soft grooves lead into a false sense of security as turbo-charged guitars lead the track into something much darker, a powerful potion of noise that leads to a spine-tingling feeling that is hard not to enjoy.


MIMR is looking forward to the EP release immensely and what better way to celebrate that than with a launch party at Fallow Cafe. Our good friends Flat Plastic are hosting too so you know your in for a good one, great support acts too!

Check the link out more details people!




If this is how New Luna are ending this year then watch out for them in 2017, i don’t think there going away any time soon and that’s pretty swell thing.

check out the track here:




MIMR Band Chat: Tyrants

​Indie Rock trio Tyrants from Lincoln gladly return to MIMR and they will be on early doors at Lock 38 records gig this saturday at The Castle, it will be the perfect way to kick off the night’s entretainment.

MIMR spoke to the band about the gig and their year in the band.

MIMR: Great to have Tyrants back on the blog, what has the band been up to recently and what will next year hold?
Aidan: We’ve just been busy gigging as much as possible trying to build the fan base. Its been a hectic time with many miles covered but we’ve had the opportunity to support and play alongside some great bands. Most recently we supported From The Jam in our hometown of Lincoln at The Engine Shed. Next year will no doubt be much of the same but we will also be releasing our first EP which we are busy recording at the moment.

MIMR: So your back in Manchester in a few weeks for Lock 38 records, do you have any places that you’ve enjoyed playing as a band?
Aidan: I think my favourite place so far has been ‘The Engine Shed’ when we supported Bruce Foxton with his band From The Jam, but I love all the small venues like ‘The Fleece Inn’ and ‘The Rocking Chair’ as well.

Mark: The best gig we’ve played for me was at The Engine Shed. It’s the biggest gig we’ve played so far and it was a great experience, but some of the smaller venues have been just as good like ‘The Rocking Chair ‘ in Sheffield and ‘ The Basement ‘ in York I think this is because they’re so small you feel like everyone is right there right on top of you.

Luke: I gotta be boring and say my favourite gig was probably our recent gig at The Engine Shed as well, it was an absolutely mad experience! Aside from that I quite like the small venues, especially when they’re packed as they’re just really intimate and fun gigs to do. 
MIMR: Must be great when you have people digging your tunes, what’s been the nicest comment you’ve had on your music so far? 

Aidan: I just love it when people say, ‘keep doing what you’re doing and something will happen’. It’s nothing big but it just keeps you going when you feel like nothing’s ever going to happen!

Mark: I love getting comments about how I played during a set and I always ask any family in the crowd how they thought I played, but to get a comment from someone you don’t know is the best feeling. I think the best comment I got was something like ‘keep up what you’re doing and you’ll definitely make it for sure! which makes everything we’re doing seem so much more worth while especially when they compare you to your idols.

Luke: I think one of the best compliments we’ve had on our music would be a drummer telling us that he uses our song “Honey” to warm up to, which made me really proud. I really like it when we get off stage at a venue we’ve played at before and people say “You’ve improved since I last saw you”. I guess because we play together so often we don’t notice sometimes how much we’ve evolved as a band and it’s just really affirming for someone else to tell you something like that.

MIMR: What kind of music have the band been digging lately?
Aidan: We all like different music, from ‘Catfish & The Bottlemen’ to ‘Queens Of The Stone Age’ and ‘Royal Blood’. For me all I’ve pretty much just been listening to the ‘DMA’s’ but I also love checking out new bands that are just breaking like Mint or October Drift.

Mark: The music I’ve been into recently varies from ‘ City and Colour ‘ to ‘ You Me At Six ‘ For me it’s all about what mood I’m in, some days I feel like I want to listen to something heavier like ‘ Royal Blood ‘ and ‘ Lower Than Atlantis ‘ or some days softer like ‘ Catfish And The Bottlemen ‘ and ‘ Don Broco.

Luke: Always depends on what mood I’m in but most recently I’ve been listening to a mixture of Arctic Monkeys, Marc Cohn, and Tame Impala. Really digging “Why Won’t They Talk To Me?” off “Lonerism” by the latter.

MIMR: Thanks once again for chatting to us on the blog, see you in Manchester. How can we check your latest updates and some tuneage too? 
Tyrants: You can find us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/officialtyrantsband follow us on twitter at TyrantsOfficial and on Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/tyrants-4


MIMR Band Chat: Black Sonic Revolver

​The latest leg for Lock 38 records is Manchester bound next week and one of MIMR favourite venues The Castle will be the place to be on saturday night to see 4 superb acts.

One of these acts are Black Sonic Revolver who Rock n Roll grooves are sure to bring the house down at The Castle. MIMR spoke to frontman Leon ahead of the gig to get just a glimpse of what to expect on the 3rd December.

Introducing Black Sonic Revolver to MIMR, tell us about the band and what influences you have on your sound?

Leon: The band consists of 4 friends;

Leon James Kenny, Guitar/Vocals

Joe Hall, Guitar

Ryan Vernon, Bass

Dave Smith, Drums

and life’s events have a direct influence on the band. Personal experiences no different to anybody else’s on this big floating rock in space have made up the songs of our 3 albums, 2014’s “Black Sonic Revolver”, 2015’s “Life on a Knife Edge” and our new album “Different!”, which comes from a saying within the band, out in 2017.

What’s it been like being in the band this year, what been your highlights?

Leon: Being in a band is great. It’s all we’ve ever wanted to do, so it’s great just to do it in the first place. Just before this year started, our song Storm Clouds was played at Old Trafford, which was followed by a personal invite to be Northside’s main support act at Manchester Academy for their last show. We then released “Life on a Knife Edge” and almost sparked a little riot at The Ritz in January. We’ve been about performing in various cities with our friends The Brazen, who were supporting their album “Laser Lips”, and played shows with The Real People, who, although Liverpudlians, are Mancunian legends (look it up…) and The Sums, who feature another Liverpudlian legend of Manchester… Digsy, a very witty, lovely and above all talented man. Liverpool, as always, has been very good to us this year, and although we disagree over the football, the people and the city are both fantastic. 

Working on our 3rd full length album is the true highlight though. Events come and go. Memories fade. But the music. That’ll outlive us all. 

Looking forward to The Castle gig with Lock 38 Records, what’s your favourite venue in Manchester to play?

Leon: Night & Day Cafe. One because it’s a brilliant venue with a great sound, and secondly because they’ve always looked after us there, made us feel at home, and given us a play to perform, especially as we were starting out. We’ll always grateful to the Night & Day. We’ve had some belting times in there! 

What other bands have you been listening to this year?

Leon: The Brazen and The Rook are 2 great bands we’ve listened to, performed with and watched play a lot this year. Top lads, all of them. The Brazen released their album, as previously mentioned, and me and Smithy drove to Leeds for The Rook’s EP launch and it was bangin’! There’s a great picture from a Birmingham show this year of all 3 bands together, it’s my favourite picture of the year. All good lads, enjoying being creative and supportive of one another. 

In April we have The Brazen with us in Manchester…… Hopefully The Rook too…..

Thanks for being on the blog, see you at The Castle. where can people follow you on social media and check out some tunes?

Leon: We’ve got our fingers in all the pies. Spotify. Soundcloud. iTunes. YouTube. Giz a tweet @BSRevolver … Don’t be shy, we don’t bite. We do get fucking ON IT at the shows though, but again, don’t be shy, you’ll probably end up on tambourine…… Everyone else does! 


MIMR Daily Tunes No.40: Berries ‘Waiting’

Having recently featured on MIMR with the super-charged ‘Siren’ Berries return to the blog with plenty to scream and shout about. The Alt-rock trio from London are proud to bring us their new EP  ‘Those Funny Things’ released Nov 18th and the 6 tracks unleashed on this record show more than a little bit of promise for future endeavours the band are sure to produce.


‘Waiting’ is a splendid track, with it’s chorus packing a powerful punch sending you reeling to floor. Match this with gorgeous guitar riffs and thumping beats that refurberate in your brain making for a sound that’s hard to fault.


This is just a tasty morsel to the main course of the EP but it serves us with real indication that the Berries girls are a force to be reckoned with, Bon Appetite!!

Check the track out here: