MIMR Band Chat: La Bete Blooms

​Post-punk quartet  La Bete Blooms have been causing quiet a stir lately, their latest effort ‘Breaking In’ receiving kind words and notable recogntion by people like Steve Lamacq, impressive to say the least.

MIMR spoke to Daniel from the band about their year so far and their favourite places to gig.

MIMR: Super thrilled to be chatting to La Bete Blooms on the blog, what’s been going on with you guys this year? Whats been your highlight?

Daniel: Thanks for chatting to us! We recorded a new E.P at the beginning of the year and spent a good third of 2016 saying to each other ‘…now what?!’ 

We’ve been really cautious releasing it because we want as many people to hear it as possible.

Thankfully we’ve teamed up with two great local labels Warren Records and The Adult Teeth Recording Company to release the E.P with PRS funding and now we’ve finally got round to playing gigs again.

MIMR: Your getting plenty of plaudits about your recent single ‘Breaking In’ and it’s rightly so too. What’s your most pleasing review/comment you’ve had about your work?

Daniel: We’re so happy to get good reviews for ‘Breaking In’, Gigslutz said we were one of the most exciting and strongest forces in music right now which made us feel warm inside!

We’ve had some funny ones, one blog claimed we’re the next Nirvana, which is a really lovely thing to say, they’ve got high hopes for us but I hope they haven’t placed bets on it!

MIMR: Halloween is fast approaching, will any of you guys be doing anything spooky or ghoulish?

Daniel: We all work in the service industry, so we’ll all be working! I can’t think of a more spooky and ghoulish thing to be doing on Halloween then serving fries up to drunk axe wielding clowns at 2am.

MIMR: What’s your favourite gig venue you’ve played and why?

Daniel: We’ve played some amazing places but The Adelphi Club in Hull is our home, there’s honestly no place like it. 

If you can get past the funny smell and the run down look, then you’re onto a winner of a venue with a brilliant history, a funny yellow bus bar full of proper northern people with big hearts.

MIMR: Would love to see you in Manchester again very soon, what other cities on your travels are essential tour destinations?

Daniel: We love the North, Manchester has always been kind to us, there’s so many great venues, bands and things to do there.

Nottingham’s also been amazing to us over the past couple of years, promoters ‘I’m Not From London’ are all lunatics who put on the best shows. 

Stockton isn’t on everyone’s ‘essential’ list but just like Hull, there’s always venues full of music lovers in every week which is a testament to the people and its music scene.

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, have a great rest of 2016. Where can people keep up to date with what your up to?

Daniel: Thanks for including us on the blog!



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