MIMR Review: The Jade Assembly ‘Sundays and Occasional Wednesdays EP’

One of the most hotly-tipped bands to be featured on the blog in recent times are Bolton Indie-rockers The Jade Assembly and the guys have decided to unleash their brand new EP, its a early xmas present..yes i know i mentioned xmas in october!

Out today, the rock n roll quartet have put their entire heart and soul into 4 tracks with great gusto, whistling along with no sign of letting up. This is evident from the get go with MIMR live favourite ‘One Last Time‘ hitting the ground running, John’s strong, powerful vocals leading the way, attached by thumping beats and spine-tingling riffs, its a song to belt your heart to.

Same Time follows on seemlessly with charming indie-rock tones and glowing harmonies, a song thats joyfully reflective and poignant at the same time. The song climaxes with a catchy sing-a-long which can only make you smile.

Huge single Nothing Changes has always been a stand out anthem for the band and its thrilling delivery takes the EP even higher in estimation, a mesemerising journey full of driving guitars and bruising beats that make you breathless by the end.

All good things must come to a end sadly but Soul Diva is the perfect way to sign off. Glistening vocals and heartwarming melodies make for a classic mid-tempo indie song that drifts you off to a cloud 9 state, it’s pretty special feeling.

Sundays and Occassional Wednesdays EP is a record i’d happily listen to on a continuous loop, its a record that rejoices in all that is good with rock n roll that we all love.

Oh go on then, for all time sake….JADE ARMY!!!!

The EP is available from all known online music platforms (Spotify link is below) Physical copies can be purchased from the band at these upcoming shows.

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