MIMR Band Chat @ACP Festival 2016: USA Nails

​This Year’s ACP Festival is only a week away now and its all set to be two days of music mayhem in Manchester northern quarter. One of the acts sure to crank up the volume at the festival are Noise Rock quartet USA Nails from London.

MIMR spoke to Gareth (Guitar) from the band ahead of their appearance at ACP.
MIMR: Its great pleasure to have USA Nails on MIMR, How would you pitch the band to any new followers? 

Gareth: Post-punk or noise-rock. Fans of Pissed Jeans or The Fall or Destruction Unit or Wire might like it.

MIMR: What are the main influences on the songwriting the band undertakes and who takes the lead within the process.

Gareth: We write together, most ideas are birthed in the practice room as oppose to being pre-planned. Generally, we are very democratic and egalitarian with the things we come up with and choose to explore.

We are influenced by many musical things including, Wire, Lee Ranaldo, Mark E Smith and experimental German rock music, as well as (at the risk of sounding like a wally) Dadaism, minimalism, post-minimalism, and experimental German rock music. We try to trust our instincts and not over-work things.

MIMR: So has 2016 been a fruitful year for you guys and what plans do you have looking ahead?

Gareth: I would say so. We recorded our 3rd album a couple of months back. We also have a couple of 7″s coming out in the winter. We won’t be touring til next Summer due to life and stuff, but we are keeping busy.

MIMR: Looking forward to your set at ACP in a few weeks, what can people expect from your show?

Gareth: We’ve been accused of not “rocking out” enough, in the way that punk bands should of course. So to spite the person who made that comment, we will continue to not “rock out” very much. We are in our thirties and getting really fat. You do not want to see us dance.We’ve been accused of being “loud” as a criticism. So to spite the person who made that comment, we will continue to be loud. I dislike it when people equate volume with machismo. Because, we are kind of loud but in a really nerdy and totally non-macho way. Loud bands are always total nerdfests though right? There is nothing macho about volume and there is nothing macho about our band.

TL:DR – loud music, no dancing.

MIMR: Whats your favourite part about playing Live and can you remember your 1st gig as a band?

Gareth: Getting to spend time with your good friends over some nice drinks, while also making the good sounds, and meeting new people, whilst also expressing your creativity. That is the favourite part.

Our first gig was in Leeds at The Fenton. My amp was broken, Steven poored beer overhimself and Danny was in the wrong tuning.

MIMR: Thanks for taking the time out to speak to MIMR, hope you have a fantastic ACP Festival, how can people keep up to date with your goings-on?

Gareth: These great links will sort you out:

– usanailsmusic.tumblr.com/

– usanails.bandcamp.com

– facebook.com/usanailsband

– twitter.com/usa_nails_band

– instagram.com/u_s_a__n_a_i_l_s
You can catch them playing @Mint Lounge 19.40 on Saturday

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