MIMR Band Chat @ACP Festival 2016: Admiral Fallow


Gullivers, 22:30, Sunday

With ACP Festival only a week away MIMR can hardly wait for all the music to kick off, its going to be a super weekend. Delightful Indie-pop group Admiral Fallow are amongst many people’s ones to watch during the event including MIMR and the scottish band are sure to attract more new followers come next week.
I spoke to Sarah (Piano, flute and Vocals) from the band about how the year has gone and their most memorable gig.

Next on MIMR its super to have Admiral Fallow on the blog, how has this year been for the band so far?


We started the year with two shows bookending the Celtic Connections festival.  One of these took place in the beautiful Rennie Mackintosh church in Glasgow: we worked with composer Steve Forman on a new piece of music and were also joined by a thirteen-strong classical chamber group, Auricle Ensemble, to play some new arrangements of our songs. The second gig was a straight up party night at Glasgow’s Old Fruitmarket (as party-like as our songs get, anyway)… Since then we’ve done a few festivals here and there and started making plans for album four. It’s been a busy year for us all as individuals, both in work and otherwise. One of our favourite bands, Lau, have a similar setup whereby they’re each involved in separate projects but talk about how they always bring those new influences and experiences back to the ‘mothership’; it’s the same for us really.


How would you best describe your music and what influences do you have?


Our music has been described as orchestral-indie-pop, which is a fair assessment. We’ve been playing together as a band for about nine years and over that time have tried to keep challenging ourselves in the writing process and stay open to different influences, be they personal, musical, literary or cinematic.  We all generally like the same stuff but have our own leanings as well – from traditional music to funk to songwriter-led stuff.

Bet you’re looking forward to ACP festival, are you big fans of the festival circuit and how does this differ for you from regular gigs?


Festivals are a different beast to your normal show; sometimes you’ve only just got settled and it’s the last song, and the weather does have a big part to play, too. We’ve had some great times at festivals over the years, though, with highlights including Glastonbury, Latitude, Insider and End of the Road. Manchester’s always treated us well, and we’d spoken to the organisers of ACP festival in the past about making it along, so we’re glad it’s finally worked out. I quite like these city-based festivals across different venues, and it seems like a lot of love has gone into this one.

Are there any bands that you would recommend keeping tabs on in the near future?


I’m fairly out of the loop when it comes to new artists. I went to see Mitski the other night, who was ace. Our bass player, Joe, is a gig promoter here in Glasgow and has a frankly terrifying knowledge of current music, so folks can leave him a message if they’re after recommendations!


What’s been your most memorable gig as a band and why?


It’s hard to pick just one. We had a great time playing in a tiny café in Zurich a few years back – we had expected either no-one to be there or no-one to be listening, but were proved wrong on both counts and it was a really lovely night.

It’s been super having you on the blog, see you at ACP. Where can people check out your news and tunes?


News and sporadic photographic updates will appear on our websiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram. As for tunes: most good record shops and the usual streaming places.

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