MIMR Daily Tunes No.34: Liines ‘Disappear’

Back on MIMR are our favourite Post-punk trio, the terrific Liines with their latest offering released through Reckless Yes Records on October 28th. 

The double A side Disappear/Be Here is further indication of the rising stature and attention that the ladies have grabbed in recent months, it pulls no punches. ‘Disappear’ produced by Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Placebo) has a all-round bolder sound, sending chills to the pit of your spine, huge booming beats and driving, pulsating riffs, crank every volume point to its limit and you will get the full Liines experience.

This track has been a live favourite of MIMR for a while and its great to see it being unleashed to the wider world with great gusto, a testament to what Liines have already achieved, this is just the start tho!
Head down to Gullivers this Saturday (8th October) where they perform at LadyFest and here’s the track to indulge yourselves on in the meantime.


Check out their upcoming gigs here, including a much anticipated manchester gig at Aatma next month

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