MIMR Band Chat @ACP Festival 2016: Bearfoot Beware

​The latest Band Chat on the blog, as we look forward to this year’s ACP Festival, are Leeds Math Rock trio Bearfoot Beware and its a exciting times for the band for sure. With a string of UK dates over the next few months including their appearance in Manchester in a few weeks, their set will be certainly one not to be missed.

With progress being made on the follow up to last year’s stunning debut record ‘World Owes You Nowt’ Tom spoke to MIMR about their plans and pet hates.

MIMR: Another top band playing this year’s ACP Festival are Bearfoot Beware and its great to have them on the blog. What’s been the most flattering description you’ve had about your music?


TOM: After playing a show in the beautiful medieval city of Ghent, Belgium, we had a drunk fella keep coming over to us shouting ‘MAESTRO’. ‘Hey, MAESTRO, good work’. He bought us a few beers and I think that’s about it. Europeans are great. You lot (British) need to do better. I want to walk out of a venue through fields of petals with a brass band splurging euphoria. The Queen kneels before me, I stretch out my hand she holds out hers and before we touch I withdraw, pulling a raspberry.

Coming back, we had one review for World Owes You Nowt that pretty much nailed everything about us right on the head. The song structures, influences and the reasons for our positive aggression on stage and it was relieving to feel like we got through to at least one person. Kind of felt like they’d defined what we do and that was incredibly flattering. Bad reviews are flattering too though. I take pleasure in upsetting someone who decided to review something without knowing or understanding any of the context behind the music. ‘Noisy confusing mess’, ‘Shouty bollocks’, and all that.

MIMR: So what have you guys been working on this year and are you looking forward to ACP festival?


TOM: We’ve been working on our second album. We’re probably about half way through now.  It takes a while! With our October/November tour we’ll be playing most of them and testing them out to audiences, which ones go down well. We’ve been having a few comparisons to Drive Like Jehu at the moment, love that band.

I’m looking forward to seeing Broker from Brighton we supported them a while back. I put on DUDS a while back at our practice space in Leeds, CHUNK. Was a ball. Unwave our label buddies always amaze and my love for Cowtown has no bounds. The best thing about CP Fest though is that you usually find something new to enjoy. Matt seems to have this unrivalled passion for variety and freshness in music while also holding on to the bands he loves. There’s a great balance of it at CP. I discovered Cecile Grey along with Mike a few CP’s back and really enjoyed it.


MIMR: With the festival season already in full flow, what fond memories do you have of festivals in general, either playing or watching?


TOM: At Reading Festival we were setting up on the BBC Introducing Stage. The stage faced the main entrance and we could see loads of people waiting to get in. We stupidly thought at the time that, being the first band scheduled, they were there to see us. Then the sound tech told us Green Day were playing a surprise set on the stage next to us. As the gates opened the masses poured out and moved swiftly to the NME stage to bow to their wizened, pop punk overlords. One person emerged from the mess and staunchly marched up to the front of ours while we were setting up. I shouted down at him ‘Green Day is over there mate!’ he said ‘I’m here to see something new, none of that shite’. I jumped down shook his hand and gave him some CDs. I’ll take the memory of that man’s beautiful face to the grave.

MIMR: What other bands around at the moment would you recommend MIMR checking out?


TOM: Unwave have a new album out on Voice of CHUNK that is great. They recorded in an old city centre church. The priest enjoys prog, King Crimson etc. so it’s gonna sound sweet.


TOM: I’m looking forward to hearing Real Terms. They’ve risen from the ashes of one of those bands I feel really hit the spot with a lot of people, Vasco Da Gama. Can’t wait to see what they’re like.


MIMR: Been a pleasure to have you on the blog, looking forward to the festival. What would you say is you ultimate pet hate in the world?

TOM: Self-imposed human apathy. The belief that something is owed to you without the will to work for it. Often leads to underserved arrogance. Bad attitude to have when we have a small amount of time here. 

You can catch them @ Soup Kitchen, Saturday 17:30

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