MIMR Daily Tunes No.36: Baum Jr ‘When I Grow Up’

A new discovery to the blog comes in the form of Electro-synth project Baum Jr who’s certain to make you think fondly of past memories with his retro 80s influenced creations.
Hailing from Manchester, this cover track (released 28th Oct) is the debut single, a double A-side alongside original offering ‘Heroes’ which shows the perfect vision that Baum Jr has achieved, a real breath of fresh air.

It’s this cover track that recalls past events the most as its a take on a 1998 track by british alt-rock group Garbage who hit the heights themselves throughout the 90s. Inspired by 8-bit technology and 80s synths that roll fluidly through the track, it’s the power-rock style vocals that gives it a capitvating sound from start to finish.

MIMR waits with baited breath what this project will produce next but it’s sure to be innovative and stylish, a winning combo!
Check out the track here:

MIMR Band Chat: Marlon Brando Island

Now another new band on the blog, very warm welcome to Marlon Brando Island and MIMR spoke to Marcus from the band to get the latest on their goings-on 


Describe your music and what inspiration do you pick on when creating your music?


I’d describe our music as pop music, pop music with guitars, it’s quite loud and experimental and lyrical. We’ve been compared to more bands than I can count now, I delude myself into thinking that’s a good thing. I was really chuffed to be compared to Shellac though and I’ve always liked The National, so those two are OK. 

In creating music, it’s become a little obsessional for me so the inspiration is usually the illusion of making a perfect song. Or I’ll just listen to Kate Bush or something and realise I’m a piece of shit, that’s always good inspiration.

So what’s been going on with the band this year? Any exciting news to tell us?


We’ve only been seriously playing together for the last few months but we’ve been really fortunate in how things have come together. We’ve been lucky enough to have received some extremely kind reviews and to have recorded with an excellent producer, the wonderful Paul of Sound. We’ve spent most of our time rehearsing and making songs, two thirds of that time is me neurotically rewriting lyrics. Over and over…


So social media is a big tool to be used for any band nowadays, there’s so many different sites. How do the band finding managing promotional side of things and what would you resort to doing if social media didnt exist to promote the band?


We use all the usual suspects. Facebook, Instagram etc. Obviously it’s entirely necessary these days, I’m not overly keen on how it’s brought language like ‘brand image’ into discussions about music but it seems a necessary evil. There are an ocean of bands around so it’s important to use wisely. If there were no social media, it would be back to leafleting and leaving CDRs all over the place. I could happily spend a week on London’s bus routes meticulously leaving CDs on backseats. I may actually do that anyway thinking about it.


What’s been your most memorable gig you’ve played so far as a band?


When we were just starting I played an open mic acoustic thing solo. It was a really weird vision of hell that I’m pretty sure is waiting for me when this is all over. It was full of goth kids drinking cider and doing poppers and juggling. I just shouted a bit over a broken pa then sheepishly packed up my guitar and left.


Now your band name has a cinematic theme, a pretty cool actor too. What films do you guys like to watch?


Oh thanks. Yeah Marlon Brando was a very strange, amazing man. The last films I watched were Stalker and Uncle Buck, two of cinema’s greats in my humble opinion. Tarkovsky and Candy.


Thanks for joining us on MIMR, where can people check out some music and just general info about Marlon Brando Island?


Thanks so much for having us! You can hear us at


You can look at pictures of us and get information of upcoming gigs at 


We have a video for ‘True Heroes’ located here…


MIMR Band Chat: La Bete Blooms

​Post-punk quartet  La Bete Blooms have been causing quiet a stir lately, their latest effort ‘Breaking In’ receiving kind words and notable recogntion by people like Steve Lamacq, impressive to say the least.

MIMR spoke to Daniel from the band about their year so far and their favourite places to gig.

MIMR: Super thrilled to be chatting to La Bete Blooms on the blog, what’s been going on with you guys this year? Whats been your highlight?

Daniel: Thanks for chatting to us! We recorded a new E.P at the beginning of the year and spent a good third of 2016 saying to each other ‘…now what?!’ 

We’ve been really cautious releasing it because we want as many people to hear it as possible.

Thankfully we’ve teamed up with two great local labels Warren Records and The Adult Teeth Recording Company to release the E.P with PRS funding and now we’ve finally got round to playing gigs again.

MIMR: Your getting plenty of plaudits about your recent single ‘Breaking In’ and it’s rightly so too. What’s your most pleasing review/comment you’ve had about your work?

Daniel: We’re so happy to get good reviews for ‘Breaking In’, Gigslutz said we were one of the most exciting and strongest forces in music right now which made us feel warm inside!

We’ve had some funny ones, one blog claimed we’re the next Nirvana, which is a really lovely thing to say, they’ve got high hopes for us but I hope they haven’t placed bets on it!

MIMR: Halloween is fast approaching, will any of you guys be doing anything spooky or ghoulish?

Daniel: We all work in the service industry, so we’ll all be working! I can’t think of a more spooky and ghoulish thing to be doing on Halloween then serving fries up to drunk axe wielding clowns at 2am.

MIMR: What’s your favourite gig venue you’ve played and why?

Daniel: We’ve played some amazing places but The Adelphi Club in Hull is our home, there’s honestly no place like it. 

If you can get past the funny smell and the run down look, then you’re onto a winner of a venue with a brilliant history, a funny yellow bus bar full of proper northern people with big hearts.

MIMR: Would love to see you in Manchester again very soon, what other cities on your travels are essential tour destinations?

Daniel: We love the North, Manchester has always been kind to us, there’s so many great venues, bands and things to do there.

Nottingham’s also been amazing to us over the past couple of years, promoters ‘I’m Not From London’ are all lunatics who put on the best shows. 

Stockton isn’t on everyone’s ‘essential’ list but just like Hull, there’s always venues full of music lovers in every week which is a testament to the people and its music scene.

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, have a great rest of 2016. Where can people keep up to date with what your up to?

Daniel: Thanks for including us on the blog!



MIMR Gig Guide: November


Zombie Zombie w/Inland Taipan @Soup Kitchen

Clint Boon Set 2 Go feat. Not Hot Ashes, The Jade Assembly, Tourist Attractions, Liam Mcclair + more @Sound Control


Crosa Rosa w/Darma @The Castle

Las Kellies w/Blooms + Sprinters @Night and Day Cafe


Traams @Aatma

False Advertising + Horsebeach (Co-Headline) w/NARCS and Thing @Soup Kitchen


Man and The Echo w/Sugarmen @Soup Kitchen


MIMR Presents The Psychomotors w/ SlowHandClap + Edits @Aatma

Hannah Lou Clark w/Peaks @Night and Day Cafe


Hinds @Academy 2

Sewage Farm (ft Sam Forrest from Nine Black Alps) @Night and Day Cafe

MIMR Daily Tunes No.35: Dirty Saint ‘Monkey’

Another Manchester band that has come to my attention and ready to hit the heights are Rock n Rollers Dirty Saint with this being their latest endeavour ‘Monkey’

With origins on the other side of the world with both Dave and Tom starting the band up in Auckland, NZ, they are now a fully fledged Rock quartet, permanetly residing in our good old city of Manchester.

Thrills a plenty can be seeked on this track, striking riffs, catchy lyrics and all together fun and care-free delivery, a recipe for wild times indeed. 

With a headline show at Manchester Ritz last month already under the belts, it’s safe to say that these guys are going to tear it up wherever they land.

Don’t slip up here folks, spread the love and be a saint!
Check the track out here:

All other info can be found here:


MIMR Gig Gallery @ACP Festival 2016: Sunday

The Sunday of this year’s festival was pretty special too and included many top acts that have featured on the blog this year.

Here are the best bits from Sunday.


The Castle


Soup Kitchen

Glass Ankle

Mint Lounge

Fish Tank

Night and Day Cafe


Mint Lounge


Mint Lounge

Freakout Honey

The Castle

MIMR Gig Gallery @ACP Festival 2016: Saturday

Finally its here, a final round up from this years ACP Festival in Manchester’s Northern quarter from many of the great bands who played over the weekend.

These are the highlights from Saturday’s acts, they’re were many!
Twin Visions

57 Thomas Street


Soup Kitchen


Soup Kitchen

Strange Friends

57 Thomas Street

Colour Of Spring

Crown & Kettle

Suggested Friends

Crown & Kettle

Bearfoot Beware

Soup Kitchen


Soup Kitchen

Patty Hearst

57 Thomas Street

No Ditching

57 Thomas Street