MIMR Daily Tunes No.36: Baum Jr ‘When I Grow Up’

A new discovery to the blog comes in the form of Electro-synth project Baum Jr who’s certain to make you think fondly of past memories with his retro 80s influenced creations. Hailing from Manchester, this cover track (released 28th Oct) is the debut single, a double A-side alongside original offering ‘Heroes’ which shows the perfectContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.36: Baum Jr ‘When I Grow Up’”

MIMR Band Chat: Marlon Brando Island

Now another new band on the blog, very warm welcome to Marlon Brando Island and MIMR spoke to Marcus from the band to get the latest on their goings-on  MIMR Describe your music and what inspiration do you pick on when creating your music? Marcus  I’d describe our music as pop music, pop music withContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat: Marlon Brando Island”

MIMR Band Chat: La Bete Blooms

​Post-punk quartet  La Bete Blooms have been causing quiet a stir lately, their latest effort ‘Breaking In’ receiving kind words and notable recogntion by people like Steve Lamacq, impressive to say the least. MIMR spoke to Daniel from the band about their year so far and their favourite places to gig. MIMR: Super thrilled to beContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat: La Bete Blooms”

MIMR Gig Guide: November

1st Zombie Zombie w/Inland Taipan @Soup Kitchen 6th Clint Boon Set 2 Go feat. Not Hot Ashes, The Jade Assembly, Tourist Attractions, Liam Mcclair + more @Sound Control 7th Crosa Rosa w/Darma @The Castle 10th Las Kellies w/Blooms + Sprinters @Night and Day Cafe 17th Traams @Aatma 18th False Advertising + Horsebeach (Co-Headline) w/NARCS andContinue reading “MIMR Gig Guide: November”

MIMR Daily Tunes No.35: Dirty Saint ‘Monkey’

Another Manchester band that has come to my attention and ready to hit the heights are Rock n Rollers Dirty Saint with this being their latest endeavour ‘Monkey’ With origins on the other side of the world with both Dave and Tom starting the band up in Auckland, NZ, they are now a fully fledgedContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.35: Dirty Saint ‘Monkey’”

MIMR Gig Gallery @ACP Festival 2016: Sunday

The Sunday of this year’s festival was pretty special too and included many top acts that have featured on the blog this year. Here are the best bits from Sunday. RobotAlien The Castle Corinthians Soup Kitchen Glass Ankle Mint Lounge Fish Tank Night and Day Cafe Psyblings Mint Lounge Her’s Mint Lounge Freakout Honey TheContinue reading “MIMR Gig Gallery @ACP Festival 2016: Sunday”

MIMR Gig Gallery @ACP Festival 2016: Saturday

Finally its here, a final round up from this years ACP Festival in Manchester’s Northern quarter from many of the great bands who played over the weekend. These are the highlights from Saturday’s acts, they’re were many! Twin Visions 57 Thomas Street Bruja Soup Kitchen Narcs Soup Kitchen Strange Friends 57 Thomas Street Colour OfContinue reading “MIMR Gig Gallery @ACP Festival 2016: Saturday”

MIMR Band Chat @ACP Festival 2016: Psyblings

​Psych-rockers Psyblings have stormed their way onto the blog over recent months, sweeping all-comers aside with their brash, noisey and gripping sound. Throw into the mix their rip-rawing live shows, taking Manchester by storm and its safe to say that the 5 piece’s crusade is at full throttle. I spoke to Greg from the bandContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat @ACP Festival 2016: Psyblings”

MIMR Review: The Jade Assembly ‘Sundays and Occasional Wednesdays EP’

One of the most hotly-tipped bands to be featured on the blog in recent times are Bolton Indie-rockers The Jade Assembly and the guys have decided to unleash their brand new EP, its a early xmas present..yes i know i mentioned xmas in october! Out today, the rock n roll quartet have put their entireContinue reading “MIMR Review: The Jade Assembly ‘Sundays and Occasional Wednesdays EP’”

MIMR Band Chat: Inland Taipan

​Aisling Davis aka Inland Taipan swoops on to MIMR with her haunting yet witty vocals and classic guitar stylings. MIMR witnessed a charming set at a recent show at Manchester’s Night and Day Cafe and MIMR spoke to Aisling about her music and her love of Gravy MIMR: Welcome to MIMR, let’s start with how InlandContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat: Inland Taipan”