MIMR Video: Baby Brave ‘Mimic My Shins”

MIMR is happy to share the brand new video for ‘Mimic My Shins’ the closing track on last year’s ‘Tacky Birthday’ EP by Wrexham Noise-pop quartet and all round top dudes Baby Brave – a truly stunning visual creation for everyone to enjoy. 

Aided by the super talented, self-taught artist Neat Sleeper also from Wrexham, they’ve managed to bring storming lyrics to life using experimental mixed-media techinques using millions of photos as well as a small amount of photoshop.

Taking a whole year to put together, the finished article is ‘truly a labour of love’ says Emmi, lead vocals/guitarist for BB who expertly edited the video. When talking about the inspiration behind the video Emmi tells us “them things that meant something to someone at some time reconfigured, what does anything realy mean any more anyway”. More visual creativity for the video were inspired by Early Dada films to contempoary collage artists as well as vintage video games and fashion magazines.
Enjoy the video here in all its glory:

Baby Brave next gig is this:

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