MIMR Album Review: Sweet Deals On Surgery ‘The Snake and The Snoozer’

Its finally arrived, over a year in the making and Sweet Deals On Surgery have unveiled their work in a sparkling manner with intensity and thunderously good results. Opening track ‘Like, Constantly’ leaps straight into this high level of intensity with great style, striking riffs and vocals which builds to a boiling point of pandemonium like nothing else. Quarterly Bill and title track TSATS both showcase lightning speed guitar hooks, confirming the self-proclaimed ‘thunder-punk’ declaration. Let’s Trade Places whisks along next up with more raw vocals and frenetic noise-pop goodness, ‘i’m better now’ for sure.

Desk From The Waist Down’ marks the halfway mark of the LP but dont think for one second the cogs have been cranked down, illustrating the band’s rawkus, hell-raising selfs to a tee, killer guitars which make the hairs on your hairs stand on the end. The spiky intro into the comedic track Elvis Costello is a Wanker is soon followed by a loud tirade proclaiming this animosity which is protrayed in a chucklesome yet brutally passionate way.

The track that teased us earlier in the year to the record ‘ 100%Hitler Free’ breezes in with thumping beats and dishes out fierce loops which capture the trio’s rip-rawing attitude to their music. The Next 2 tracks ‘Rohypnol’d at a Family Do’ and ‘Speed Date Yr Way To Fame’ both appeared on 2014’s EP ‘Total Reek Hole and have both been fantastically refreshed without taking away the  blistering nature of their endeavours. And then there’s possibly MIMR favourite, the destructive and intoxicating Take My Hand, Punch Me in The Face. SWDOS know how to sign off and the track turns into a melting pot of explosive vocals, thundercrack and pulsating drums, a cataclysmic blowout!

The record may have taken a while to arrive to us all and however frustrating it must of been for all involved, its safe to say that once it landed it was well worth the wait. Think i might indulge myself again and go back to track one and replay the joyous feeling all over.
Get your hands on the album here through Anti-pop records:


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