MIMR @ACP festival 2016 Band Chat: Fish Tank

​In the first of many planned Band Chats featuring acts playing this year’s ACP festival in Manchester’s NQ next month, MIMR had the chance to have a good old chat with lead man Ed from Kent Rock trio Fish Tank who aim to deliver a thrilling show at the festival.
MIMR: It’s a joy to have Fish Tank featuring on the blog. How are you?

Ed: Very good thank you! We just finished up recording some new music and now we’re gearing up for getting back on the road in October. SPICY TIMES AT FISH TANK HQ.

MIMR: Who are Fish Tank and how best would you describe your sound?
Ed: We are three strapping young men from Broadstairs in Kent called Joe, Zak and Ed and we sound like the three way love child of Thin Lizzy, Weezer and Randy Newman with a dash of middle class existentialism.
MIMR: How has your 2016 been so far as a band?

Ed: 2016 has been the year of great and positive change for our little band. 
We got a new bass guitarist called Zak Tozer. We picked him because he’s really good at the bass guitar. Like a young Paul McCartney, but without the whole being dead thing. We got taken on by a some great managers we’re excited about, put our single ‘The Phantom’ on a really beautiful picture disc vinyl 7″, toured the UK with our favourite band / people ‘Get Inuit’, and bought an enormous orange bass stack that takes up far more room than necessary. 
All in all, we’re just having a lovely ol’ time at the moment. 

MIMR: Really itching to see your performance at this year’s ACP Festival, playing live must be a real thrill, has their been a gig venue that you would call your favourite?
Ed: A sweaty and smelly thrill indeed! We shall try our best not to disappoint. 
Arghhhh! Too many fantastic venues out there to call just one the best! I’ll say The Hope and Ruin in Brighton because their Vegan food downstairs was hands down, the best pre show food I’ve ever had. I wish I could pick a Manchester venue but we’ve only played Antwerp Mansion and it was a really really weird gig. 
MIMR:  Thanks for talking to MIMR, see you next month. What kind of music is likely to be playing on your travels up north to Manchester?

Ed: Thanks. The usual probably. Paul Simons ‘Graceland’ in full, followed by either ‘Africa’ by Toto, ‘Short People’ by Randy Newman or something off ‘Dream Soda’ by Demob Happy. 

Auf wiedersehen!

Grab your tickets quick for ACP festival 15/16 October at Dice here:


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