MIMR Daily Tunes No.33: Pool Art ‘Dont Feed Me To Them’

Jumping from the shadows and ready to pounce into your life are Dream-noise rock duo Pool Art who certainly make you stand up and take notice with a brutal track.

Its epic sound reverberates your brain, spiralling, twisted guitars, haunting vocals and brusing beats, a real eye-opener. With work on their new EP close to completion and some exclusive videos from a live session at Islington Mill, Salford ready to be unleashed, you be rude not to get on board, realy wet my appetite for sure!

You can see the duo play this week (Sept 29th) at MIMR friends Big Muff Promotions latest gig supporting the excellent Mouses, head down to Aatma for good times guaranteed!
Check out the track here:


MIMR Band Chat: Patty Hearst

‚ÄčA band that has made a big impression on MIMR in a very short space of time are Punk-rock 5 piece Patty Hearst and they took a break from their busy schedule to share some of their thoughts with the blog.

With live shows galore and the release of their debut EP earlier in the year, it’s certainly been a white-knuckle ride for the Manchester band. 

Ahead of their show at ACP Festival in a few weeks they tell us about their favourite places in Manchester to chill and what other bands to check out at the festival.

MIMR: How did the band come to be and was it clear what musical direction you wanted to take it in?

Patty Hearst: Ed, Scott and Mike H were previously in a band called With That Knife, and after a couple of years of not playing together decided to start working on some music again. Just around the same time, Holly, who we knew from her previous band New Hips had mentioned she was looking to get more musically active and Mike C’s band Well Wisher were more or less winding up for good. Basically, the timing was just right for each of us and we were knew each other and knew what people might bring to a new band and figured it might just work.

In terms of a musical direction, it’s mainly been dictated by the constraints of what’s really practical for us to do – what kind of venues are we likely going to be able to play, how can we keep it portable and set up and play our songs as quickly and simply as possible? We all like a lot of different kinds of music, but in the five of us coming together to write and play together, all those influences are very much filtered into a context of being able to play our songs live, without necessarily getting a chance to soundcheck or even be playing in a space intended for live music. So, over time, as PH as well as our previous bands, you get an idea of what works in that context – we kind come from a punk background, but also really love good song writing, some more experimental stuff but also I think we understand that bands like ours are most engaging when there’s an element of fun running through all of it. Not that we ever really discussed it these terms; all these things have been pretty natural in putting a set together.

MIMR: How has 2016 been for the band so far and what can we expect for the rest of the year?

Patty Hearst: 2016 started slowly, having a cancel a few gigs, but we did put out our debut EP with Super Smash Hit Records in March. It was only meant to be a demo, but the reception to it has been pretty positive. We’ve recently been playing a lot more shows around Manchester, which has been great meeting new people and playing for them. We’re going to try and play more outside Manchester before the end of the year, finish some more songs and think about another release.

MIMR: So your playing this year’s ACP Festival next month, what’s the thing your looking forward to the most about the festival?

Patty Hearst: Obviously, playing is a real pleasure, but there are some great bands on the bill that we’re looking forward to aswell – Cowtown, Crows An Wra, USA Nails, No Ditching and also our friends Claw The Thin Ice, Grotbags and Thomas Ragsdale.

MIMR: What’s your favourite place in Manchester to hang out? whether it be a gig or a bite to eat

Patty Hearst: Because there are so many places to go in Manchester, there’s nowhere that’s our go-to haunt, but for gigs and club nights Soup Kitchen and Islington Mill are great for seeing people before they play anywhere else, Albert Hall, Gorilla and Deaf Institute for slightly bigger shows. For food Rudy’s pizzeria in Ancoats is incredible and The Great Kathmandu in West Didsbury is the best for South Asian food. China Town has some great spots and Ezra and Gil in the Northern Quarter is also good new addition. For drinks we often go to Port Street Beer House, Sandbar, Common, The Castle or a bunch of other places.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting on the blog, look forward to you playing the festival next month, where can people go to listen to your music?

Patty Hearst: You can get our EP from https://pattyhearst.bandcamp.com 

MIMR Daily Tunes No.32: Kidsmoke ‘See The World’

2016 has already proved to be a breakthrough year for our next band and their latest track only enhances this further. Indie-pop quartet Kidsmoke need little introduction, they’ve become part of the furniture on MIMR and its finally glad to see Lance and the guys turning lots more heads.

This 1st of two tracks to be released by the end of the year is packed full of joyful harmonies and some irresistible pop vibes, signs of only good things around the corner for Lance and the guys.

When describing ‘See The World’ lead singer Lance says “its probably the closest to a polictical song we’ve ever done, it was kind of a response to the comments thrown about during the EU referendum, you couldn’t escape it on social media and everyday conversations with people”
We look forward to the next single which is just round the corner and with more live dates to be confirmed very soon as well, you wont have any excuse not to become Kidsmoke’s friends. 

Catch them play this Saturday (1st October) at Chester Pride as part of Drum With Our Hands showcase, which also features MIMR faves Baby Brave and Seazoo amongst others

Check the track out here:

MIMR Daily Tunes No.31: Tourist Attractions ‘Million Miles Away’

The next band aiming to make big strides on the manchester music scene are Indie-rock 4 piece Tourist Attractions with their stirring anthem ‘Million Miles Away’

Spiralling riffs, non-stop beats and gritty vocals make for a determined and compelling sound that hard to shake off. Influenced by the rich historical, musical background that the city of Manchester has blessed us over the years, its certainly no doubt that the next attraction should be to take a ride on their journey, its worth queue jumping.

Their next show is next Saturday (24th Sept) at Night and Day Cafe, Manchester supporting Broken Witt Rebels, here are all the essential details you need:

MIMR Video: Baby Brave ‘Mimic My Shins”

MIMR is happy to share the brand new video for ‘Mimic My Shins’ the closing track on last year’s ‘Tacky Birthday’ EP by Wrexham Noise-pop quartet and all round top dudes Baby Brave – a truly stunning visual creation for everyone to enjoy. 

Aided by the super talented, self-taught artist Neat Sleeper also from Wrexham, they’ve managed to bring storming lyrics to life using experimental mixed-media techinques using millions of photos as well as a small amount of photoshop.

Taking a whole year to put together, the finished article is ‘truly a labour of love’ says Emmi, lead vocals/guitarist for BB who expertly edited the video. When talking about the inspiration behind the video Emmi tells us “them things that meant something to someone at some time reconfigured, what does anything realy mean any more anyway”. More visual creativity for the video were inspired by Early Dada films to contempoary collage artists as well as vintage video games and fashion magazines.
Enjoy the video here in all its glory:

Baby Brave next gig is this: