MIMR Band Chat: Lavender

​Describing themselves as ‘fresh, funky and scandalous’ Salford’s psychedelic 5 piece Lavender are breaking out, raring to spread their wings and they spoke to MIMR to tell us about their plans.

MIMR: Great to have another new and exciting band on MIMR, we welcome Lavender. Who are Lavender and what influences do you have on your music?
Lavender: We are just a normal bunch of chimps with a passion for fragrant purple plants. Our influences are pretty nebulous as each member is into their own thing. Psych, rock and roll and jazz seem to be the common interests though. 

MIMR: Great to hear you have a EP out very soon, how was this produced and are you excited to get it out to people?
Lavender: We recorded and produced it all on our todds, some was recorded in the mighty Salford and some was recorded in the Lake District. Yeah we are pretty excited, will be sound to get some official tunes out and about. 

MIMR: What gigs do you have coming up and what can we expect from one of your live shows?
Lavender: Have you ever seen ‘Wife Swap’? They’re the musical form of that.  
You can catch us live at our EP launch for Supreme Foliage at night and day on Friday 16th of September.

MIMR: Whats your favourite places in Manchester to hang out?

Lavender: The mucky corner between BoozeMart and Central Chicken.

MIMR: What is the plan for the rest of the year for the band?

Lavender: We just want to carry on playing music and having a good time, hopefully get some decent gigs in. 

MIMR: Thanks again for chatting to MIMR, look forward to catching a gig very soon. Do any of the band have any special talents they’d like to share?
Lavender: Dean can eat the bottom tier of a wedding cake without it collapsing, Sam’s got no teeth, and that’s about it it really. Thanks for the interview MIMR.

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