MIMR Band Chat: Feed The Kid

​Manchester’s favourite Rock n rollers Feed The Kid have stomped and swaggered in becoming one of the brightest bands around at the moment and it’s richly deserved.

Ahead of their latest single MIMR spoke to the band about their 2016 and celebrity encounters in greggs.

MIMR: Great to have Feed the Kid back on MIMR, How’s your 2016 been so far?
FTK: Great… we feel like there’s something brewing. Last year was all about gigging, getting out there, and now there seems to be a bit of following. It’s nice to see things build when you have been working so hard. I think looking back at Kendal Calling last year, we played to a about 100 people, and then this year it was one in one out of capacity of a couple of thousand. Honestly unsure how that happened, but now we have new music to get out, we go at things properly.

MIMR: You have a new single around the corner, tell us all about it?
FTK: It’s called ‘In The City’… it’s about the repetitive nature of capitalism culture that we are all involved in. It’s nothing new, its just more apparent within today’s society. Younger people getting depression, no one to talk to, working for someone or something but getting nothing back. Music is a way to vent our feelings, but some people don’t outlet to do this and keep it locked up, it isn’t healthy. “How this rainy City cries” reinforces the idea we just talked about, and is kind of pathetic fallacy of the city, life, and suppose it pays homage to Manchester. You cant escape the rain here… but every city in every country is the same and people have a lot worst than us.
I guess we should tell you its out 24th Sept, and we have a launch Party with This Felling Radio X on 14th Oct… but that would be adding weight to the above. Nature of the beast.

MIMR: Excited to see you back on the road from next month including a Primal Scream support date, how did this come about?
FTK: Odd really, I bumped into Bobby Gillespie in Greggs. I ordered the last two steak slices, and then he was behind me in the queue and asked for a steak slice. There wasn’t going to be any ready until about 8 minutes, and no one likes them red hot ones that have just got out the oven. He got a bean melt, but I could tell he wasn’t happy, so I offered him a swap. And then we just got chatting.

MIMR: Whats your favourite part about playing live?
FTK: I love all aspects of playing live; the energy, the unpredictability, the feedback from the crowd. There’s a lot of new stuff we have, and we cant wait for people to hear it.

MIMR: Thanks for being on the blog, wish you all the best with the single. How can we keep up to date with what you guys are up to?
FTK: The generally social networks really. Search Feed The Kid, or FeedTheKidMusic on; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…  Everything we do will be on there.
Appreciate it, thanks for having us.

Here’s some more details on Feed The Kid gig with Primal Scream and others on 24th September:

And here’s their Single launch gig in October with fellow MIMR faves Affairs

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