MIMR Band Chat: Young Mountains

​With the release of their brilliant new EP ‘Cannula’ now out for the world to see, MIMR spoke to Math-Rock trio Young Mountains about the record and what to expect at the EP launch gig this week.
MIMR: Great to have Young Mountains back on MIMR, what have the band been up to this year?

YM: At the tail end of last year we recorded the ep, the first half of this year we spent a lot of time working on editing and mixing. Our former drummer Alan Wragg was on production duties and we’re really grateful for all the work he has put in to making the ep. Other than that we’ve played a few gigs around Manchester and we will be playing A Carefully Planned Festival on the 15th October.

MIMR: Tell us about the new EP, after a bit of break since the last one, are you pleased with how it sounds and how it came together in the end?

YM: We’re very pleased with how it’s turned out, the songs were written over quite a long period of time, the oldest song dates back to when the first ep was released, where as a couple of the songs were written a few weeks before recording. Looking back over them they seem to document about two years of my life! Hopefully the next one won’t take quite as long.
The inspiration for the title track came when I spent a brief spell in hospital. I was there for about week and every night I could hear grown men howl in agony. It was quite a strange experience, as there’s a pretence that grown men are strong and stoic but in the midst of illness they were as fragile as infants.
A lot of the other songs on the ep focus more on romance or failed attempts at romance! The last song written for the ep was ‘(She continues to) Encapsulate’. It is essentially a romantic song but coming from a very objective viewpoint. I hope it comes across as a reminder that a romantic union takes hard work and effort to be successful. I didn’t want the more personal songs on the ep to come across as saccharine and I think there’s enough realism within the songs to be intimate without being overtly sentimental.

MIMR: Looking forward to seeing you play live at the EP launch gig, what other bands will be joining you?

YM: I’m really pleased with the line up we’ve got on. Some nights seem to play it safe and stick to a particular genre where as we’ve got quite an eclectic mix. I’m looking into running more gigs in the future under the moniker Tilted Fiction Promotions.
Joining us will be Playacting, who manages to slip really off the wall and strange ideas into his music whilst still essentially writing pop songs.


O>L>A, their music is a mix of post rock and ambient electronica with really delicate falsetto vocals. They remind me of a band called Great Eskimo Hoax.


Robot Alien, who is Rob Allen of Sweet Deals on Surgery’s solo project, really touching indie pop songs that occasionally delve in to heavier and more eccentric fields.
Hen Party who make fun party pop. There seems to be a touch of math rock and even a little bit of afro beat in their sound.


MIMR: Whats your view on the manchester music scene at the moment?

YM: To be honest I don’t go out to gigs nearly as much as I used to. It can be difficult to find the time between balancing work and writing music. I have a lot of respect for people who make the effort to go out to DIY gigs. The intimacy of seeing a good local band at a small venue can easily trump going to the likes of Manchester Academy.
The last live band I really enjoyed was Tangerine Cat. It wasn’t like anything I have heard before. They make really dark electronica with Eastern European influences and they play live with a Hurdy Gurdy! Definitely a one of a kind, not quite sure how to do them justice in words.

MIMR: Thanks again for chatting to MIMR, wish you all the best with the EP. When and how can everyone listen to the record?

YM: The ep is out now on bandcamp and we will be giving away free download codes at the ep launch. We’ll possibly be making physical copies at some point in the future. Thanks for having us.

Check out the EP here:


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