MIMR Band Chat: SlowHandClap

One of most exciting acts to hit MIMR recently are Grunge trio SlowHandClap who’s 1st track ‘Teething’ featured on MIMR Daily Tunes, with another track ready to be unleashed this coming saturday.

MIMR spoke to the band about how they got started and hanging out in Manchester.

MIMR: Fantastic to have a new and exciting band on the blog, how did the band come about and did your sound come naturally?

Sam: Me and Ducky (Michael Duckworth) have been playing in bands together for years, we’ve been practicing matterial for SHC for about a year now. It took us ages to get started because we couldn’t find the right bassist, we ended up asking Dan who plays guitar in Psyblings with me and then things started finally moving forward. I think the sound developed naturally, as I said we’ve been practicing for a year so some of the older songs sound slightly different stylistically than they do now but I think we’ve definately found our sound

MIMR: What can we expect from the band in the near future, more songs, gigs etc?

Dan: At the moment we are still in the process of releasing the debut E.P, we’ve been releasing each song every few weeks which gives people a chance to catch up with what we have to come and follow us on online to be able to reach us and listen to our tunes. We have a list of gigs to confirmed but for now we’re going stick around Manchester to get our name about and get friendly with our local music scene.

MIMR: Looking forward to catching your debut gig later this month, how has the preparations for that night been going?

Sam: Looking foward to seeing you there! Erm… we haven’t practiced in a little while to be honest, we’ll be sorting that out in the next couple of weeks so we’re ready to rock your socks off!

MIMR: Whats your favourite places in Manchester to hang out?

Dan: Well we like cheap beer and cheap food, so our local place to go is probably the courtyard. Ducky is a frequent customer at Subway

MIMR: With Manchester becoming a outstanding musical hub at the moment, what bands out there do you enjoy from Manchester and beyond too?

Dan: We’ve seen a few good bands playing around the local scene in Manchester. Déjà vega have been one of our favourites, great live sounding band. Definitely ones to go check out if you ever get chance.

MIMR: Thanks for taking the time out to chat to MIMR, look forward to the Rebellion gig, what would be your idea of a perfect summer’s day?

Sam: Sitting on a sunny beach with our mates, everyone’s got a fruity cider and tubs of peanut butter cup ben and jerry’s. Dinosaur Jr are also playing next to us and Ducky is sitting on Dave Grohl’s lap.
Details on their 1st gig at Rebellion Bar, Manchester can be found here, make it down!


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