MIMR Gig Gallery: MIMR gig feat. Church Party, Baby Brave, Peaness and Caesar

Last Friday (Aug 20th) Big Muff Promotions put on a birthday party like no other at Fallow Cafe with the help of some of MIMR favourite acts. It was a memorable night with all the acts playing blistering sets.
Here are some pics from the night. First up were one of the brightest new bands around Caesar who tore it up with a jaw-dropping set.

Next up were firm favourites of the blog, Chester’s indie-pop trio Peaness who once again charmed their way through a enthralling set, another successful Manchester gig.

Then Noise-pop quartet Baby Brave from Wrexham took to the stage and they stormed through a loud and thrilling set from start to finish. MIMR will see them again very soon 🙂

And to finish off was the last epic performance from the excellent Church Party signing off infront of a wild audience at Fallow, it was tremendous and memorable. R.I.P Church Party!

MIMR Band Chat: Lavender

​Describing themselves as ‘fresh, funky and scandalous’ Salford’s psychedelic 5 piece Lavender are breaking out, raring to spread their wings and they spoke to MIMR to tell us about their plans.

MIMR: Great to have another new and exciting band on MIMR, we welcome Lavender. Who are Lavender and what influences do you have on your music?
Lavender: We are just a normal bunch of chimps with a passion for fragrant purple plants. Our influences are pretty nebulous as each member is into their own thing. Psych, rock and roll and jazz seem to be the common interests though. 

MIMR: Great to hear you have a EP out very soon, how was this produced and are you excited to get it out to people?
Lavender: We recorded and produced it all on our todds, some was recorded in the mighty Salford and some was recorded in the Lake District. Yeah we are pretty excited, will be sound to get some official tunes out and about. 

MIMR: What gigs do you have coming up and what can we expect from one of your live shows?
Lavender: Have you ever seen ‘Wife Swap’? They’re the musical form of that.  
You can catch us live at our EP launch for Supreme Foliage at night and day on Friday 16th of September.

MIMR: Whats your favourite places in Manchester to hang out?

Lavender: The mucky corner between BoozeMart and Central Chicken.

MIMR: What is the plan for the rest of the year for the band?

Lavender: We just want to carry on playing music and having a good time, hopefully get some decent gigs in. 

MIMR: Thanks again for chatting to MIMR, look forward to catching a gig very soon. Do any of the band have any special talents they’d like to share?
Lavender: Dean can eat the bottom tier of a wedding cake without it collapsing, Sam’s got no teeth, and that’s about it it really. Thanks for the interview MIMR.

MIMR Band Chat: Feed The Kid

​Manchester’s favourite Rock n rollers Feed The Kid have stomped and swaggered in becoming one of the brightest bands around at the moment and it’s richly deserved.

Ahead of their latest single MIMR spoke to the band about their 2016 and celebrity encounters in greggs.

MIMR: Great to have Feed the Kid back on MIMR, How’s your 2016 been so far?
FTK: Great… we feel like there’s something brewing. Last year was all about gigging, getting out there, and now there seems to be a bit of following. It’s nice to see things build when you have been working so hard. I think looking back at Kendal Calling last year, we played to a about 100 people, and then this year it was one in one out of capacity of a couple of thousand. Honestly unsure how that happened, but now we have new music to get out, we go at things properly.

MIMR: You have a new single around the corner, tell us all about it?
FTK: It’s called ‘In The City’… it’s about the repetitive nature of capitalism culture that we are all involved in. It’s nothing new, its just more apparent within today’s society. Younger people getting depression, no one to talk to, working for someone or something but getting nothing back. Music is a way to vent our feelings, but some people don’t outlet to do this and keep it locked up, it isn’t healthy. “How this rainy City cries” reinforces the idea we just talked about, and is kind of pathetic fallacy of the city, life, and suppose it pays homage to Manchester. You cant escape the rain here… but every city in every country is the same and people have a lot worst than us.
I guess we should tell you its out 24th Sept, and we have a launch Party with This Felling Radio X on 14th Oct… but that would be adding weight to the above. Nature of the beast.

MIMR: Excited to see you back on the road from next month including a Primal Scream support date, how did this come about?
FTK: Odd really, I bumped into Bobby Gillespie in Greggs. I ordered the last two steak slices, and then he was behind me in the queue and asked for a steak slice. There wasn’t going to be any ready until about 8 minutes, and no one likes them red hot ones that have just got out the oven. He got a bean melt, but I could tell he wasn’t happy, so I offered him a swap. And then we just got chatting.

MIMR: Whats your favourite part about playing live?
FTK: I love all aspects of playing live; the energy, the unpredictability, the feedback from the crowd. There’s a lot of new stuff we have, and we cant wait for people to hear it.

MIMR: Thanks for being on the blog, wish you all the best with the single. How can we keep up to date with what you guys are up to?
FTK: The generally social networks really. Search Feed The Kid, or FeedTheKidMusic on; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…  Everything we do will be on there.
Appreciate it, thanks for having us.

Here’s some more details on Feed The Kid gig with Primal Scream and others on 24th September:

And here’s their Single launch gig in October with fellow MIMR faves Affairs

MIMR Daily Tunes No.25: Thee Mightees ‘Shining Sea’

One of MIMR best finds of 2016 is the next band Sheffield Quartet Thee Mightees and MIMR are very excited to know that the next record is out this week!

‘Glimmer’ is out Aug 26 and ‘Shining Sea’ is a glowing, fuzzy glimpse into what we can expect from the guys on the follow up to the last year’s brilliant ‘Smiling’.

More jangly-pop guitar hooks are evident in this track, delivering a soothing soundtrack for your summer, full of effortless charm and pleasure. No wonder Thee Mightees have become a firm favourite on the blog, a ‘shining’ example to all.

They head back to Manchester this Saturday (Aug 27) to celebrate the release of the record so if you can make it down good times are guaranteed!

You can see the video for ‘Shining Sea’ here:


‘Glimmer’ can be purchased and enjoyed here:


MIMR Band Chat: Young Mountains

​With the release of their brilliant new EP ‘Cannula’ now out for the world to see, MIMR spoke to Math-Rock trio Young Mountains about the record and what to expect at the EP launch gig this week.
MIMR: Great to have Young Mountains back on MIMR, what have the band been up to this year?

YM: At the tail end of last year we recorded the ep, the first half of this year we spent a lot of time working on editing and mixing. Our former drummer Alan Wragg was on production duties and we’re really grateful for all the work he has put in to making the ep. Other than that we’ve played a few gigs around Manchester and we will be playing A Carefully Planned Festival on the 15th October.

MIMR: Tell us about the new EP, after a bit of break since the last one, are you pleased with how it sounds and how it came together in the end?

YM: We’re very pleased with how it’s turned out, the songs were written over quite a long period of time, the oldest song dates back to when the first ep was released, where as a couple of the songs were written a few weeks before recording. Looking back over them they seem to document about two years of my life! Hopefully the next one won’t take quite as long.
The inspiration for the title track came when I spent a brief spell in hospital. I was there for about week and every night I could hear grown men howl in agony. It was quite a strange experience, as there’s a pretence that grown men are strong and stoic but in the midst of illness they were as fragile as infants.
A lot of the other songs on the ep focus more on romance or failed attempts at romance! The last song written for the ep was ‘(She continues to) Encapsulate’. It is essentially a romantic song but coming from a very objective viewpoint. I hope it comes across as a reminder that a romantic union takes hard work and effort to be successful. I didn’t want the more personal songs on the ep to come across as saccharine and I think there’s enough realism within the songs to be intimate without being overtly sentimental.

MIMR: Looking forward to seeing you play live at the EP launch gig, what other bands will be joining you?

YM: I’m really pleased with the line up we’ve got on. Some nights seem to play it safe and stick to a particular genre where as we’ve got quite an eclectic mix. I’m looking into running more gigs in the future under the moniker Tilted Fiction Promotions.
Joining us will be Playacting, who manages to slip really off the wall and strange ideas into his music whilst still essentially writing pop songs.


O>L>A, their music is a mix of post rock and ambient electronica with really delicate falsetto vocals. They remind me of a band called Great Eskimo Hoax.


Robot Alien, who is Rob Allen of Sweet Deals on Surgery’s solo project, really touching indie pop songs that occasionally delve in to heavier and more eccentric fields.
Hen Party who make fun party pop. There seems to be a touch of math rock and even a little bit of afro beat in their sound.


MIMR: Whats your view on the manchester music scene at the moment?

YM: To be honest I don’t go out to gigs nearly as much as I used to. It can be difficult to find the time between balancing work and writing music. I have a lot of respect for people who make the effort to go out to DIY gigs. The intimacy of seeing a good local band at a small venue can easily trump going to the likes of Manchester Academy.
The last live band I really enjoyed was Tangerine Cat. It wasn’t like anything I have heard before. They make really dark electronica with Eastern European influences and they play live with a Hurdy Gurdy! Definitely a one of a kind, not quite sure how to do them justice in words.

MIMR: Thanks again for chatting to MIMR, wish you all the best with the EP. When and how can everyone listen to the record?

YM: The ep is out now on bandcamp and we will be giving away free download codes at the ep launch. We’ll possibly be making physical copies at some point in the future. Thanks for having us.

Check out the EP here:


MIMR Band Chat: SlowHandClap

One of most exciting acts to hit MIMR recently are Grunge trio SlowHandClap who’s 1st track ‘Teething’ featured on MIMR Daily Tunes, with another track ready to be unleashed this coming saturday.

MIMR spoke to the band about how they got started and hanging out in Manchester.

MIMR: Fantastic to have a new and exciting band on the blog, how did the band come about and did your sound come naturally?

​Sam: Me and Ducky (Michael Duckworth) have been playing in bands together for years, we’ve been practicing matterial for SHC for about a year now. It took us ages to get started because we couldn’t find the right bassist, we ended up asking Dan who plays guitar in Psyblings with me and then things started finally moving forward. I think the sound developed naturally, as I said we’ve been practicing for a year so some of the older songs sound slightly different stylistically than they do now but I think we’ve definately found our sound

MIMR: What can we expect from the band in the near future, more songs, gigs etc?

Dan: At the moment we are still in the process of releasing the debut E.P, we’ve been releasing each song every few weeks which gives people a chance to catch up with what we have to come and follow us on online to be able to reach us and listen to our tunes. We have a list of gigs to confirmed but for now we’re going stick around Manchester to get our name about and get friendly with our local music scene.

MIMR: Looking forward to catching your debut gig later this month, how has the preparations for that night been going?

Sam: Looking foward to seeing you there! Erm… we haven’t practiced in a little while to be honest, we’ll be sorting that out in the next couple of weeks so we’re ready to rock your socks off!

MIMR: Whats your favourite places in Manchester to hang out?

Dan: Well we like cheap beer and cheap food, so our local place to go is probably the courtyard. Ducky is a frequent customer at Subway

MIMR: With Manchester becoming a outstanding musical hub at the moment, what bands out there do you enjoy from Manchester and beyond too?

Dan: We’ve seen a few good bands playing around the local scene in Manchester. Déjà vega have been one of our favourites, great live sounding band. Definitely ones to go check out if you ever get chance.

MIMR: Thanks for taking the time out to chat to MIMR, look forward to the Rebellion gig, what would be your idea of a perfect summer’s day?

Sam: Sitting on a sunny beach with our mates, everyone’s got a fruity cider and tubs of peanut butter cup ben and jerry’s. Dinosaur Jr are also playing next to us and Ducky is sitting on Dave Grohl’s lap.
Details on their 1st gig at Rebellion Bar, Manchester can be found here, make it down!