MIMR Top 50 tracks of 2016 so far…

With so many great tracks featured on the MIMR this year so far, this was a very tough job to whittle it down to just 50. Watch out for a top 100 list later in the year!

50. Suns Of Thyme ‘Do Or Die’

49. Rinse ‘Not Too Late’

48. James Kruman ‘Julia’

47. Tyrants ‘Chinsee Whispers’

46. The Speed Of Sound ‘Shut All The Clubs’

45. Ay Carmela! ‘Crying In Public’

44. Red Light Effect ‘Phosphorus’

43. Ethan and The Reformation ‘Hollandia’

42. Lovers Open Fire ‘Circa’

41. Hover Bored ‘New To You’

40. I Am Of The Universe ‘The Alchemy’

39. Caesar ‘Hazey’

38. Plaza ‘Totem’

37. Happy Accidents ‘Running’

36. TV Sets ‘Try’

35. Milk Teeth ‘Brickwork’

34. Narcs ‘Pig’

33. Trecco Beis ‘Hummingbird’

32. The Hubbards ‘Cold Cut’

31. The Slovaks ‘Meditate’

30. Antelopes ‘(I will let you Know) If I don’t Know’

29. Jordan Allen ‘Helter Skelter’

28. Bones Shake ‘Junk’

27. Trash ‘Workout’

26. Affairs ‘Play’

25. Liines ‘Blackout’

24. Vivienne The Witch ‘Dreams and Pain’

23. Chris Tavener ‘I’m Better Than You’

22. The Jade Assembly ‘Nothing Changes’

21. Colour Of Spring ‘Pillow’

20. Sweet Deals On Surgery ‘100% Hitler Free’

19. Summerhouse ‘Chlorine’

18. The Roseville Band ‘Order’

17. The Orielles ‘Jobin’

16. Peaks ‘RabbitsRabbitsRabbits’

15. Cabbage ‘Dinner Lady’

14. Shiners ’19 Again’

13. Mirror Gorillas ‘In Love/All alone’

12. Darma ‘Milk’

11. Psyblings ‘Where’s Ya Moon’

10. Blooms ‘Porcelain’

9. Seazoo ‘Telephone Jones’

8. Easy Kill ‘Samson’

7. Oscar ‘Sometimes’

6. Peaness ‘Oh George’

5. Spring King ‘Recitifer’

4. The Hyena Kill ‘Crosses’

3. False Advertising ‘Give It Your Worst’

2. TVAM ‘Gas and Air’

1. Kidsmoke ‘Heartache’

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