MIMR Daily Tunes No.16: Daisy Victoria ‘Animal Lover’

Daily Tunes next introduces Indie Song-stress Daisy Victoria with her powerful title track to her new EP released August 19th. ‘Animal Lover’ is a 3 track EP and this opening track is a true delight, enchanting, compelling vocals and a forceful confidence in her abilities lifting her above and beyond anything out there currently. ProducedContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.16: Daisy Victoria ‘Animal Lover’”

MIMR Daily Tunes No.15: Ravellas ‘Belong’

When you think of the northern town of Wigan its natural to associate it with pies, Rugby League and footballer Will Grigg (we’ve all sung that song) but now a new force has been unleased. Introducing Indie Rock n Roll four-piece Ravellas with their newly released single ‘Belong’ which burns your ears in a rampantContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.15: Ravellas ‘Belong’”

MIMR Daily Tunes No.14: Cross Wires ‘I Want Radio’

Returning to the blog and very welcome are post-punk quartet Cross Wires with the latest stomping effort. The track is double AA side along with ‘Pink Dogs’ and its released on August 8th. The east london act come out all gun-blazing from word go, thumping beats, electrfying riffs and dominate vocals make for a forcefulContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.14: Cross Wires ‘I Want Radio’”

MIMR Daily Tunes No.13: Night Flowers ‘Glow In The Dark’

Released July 15th this is the latest effort from dreamy, indie act Night Flowers and its a pleasure to have them back on MIMR. The London five-piece have been busy working away on new material in 2016 with a new record set for release in the very near future, ‘Glow In The Dark’ is the perfectContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.13: Night Flowers ‘Glow In The Dark’”

MIMR Daily Tunes No.12: Trash ‘Give Up’

Chesterfield Indie-poppers Trash return to the blog with their new song ‘Give Up’ which is another winner. 2016 has been a good year for the lads with increased press attention from far and wide and some exciting times spent in the studio working on their next EP too. Being talked about as being one ofContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.12: Trash ‘Give Up’”

MIMR Daily Tunes No.11 False Advertising ‘Scars’

So the False Advertising juggernaut keep barrel-rolling on and its safe to say MIMR has been their every glorious step of the way. ‘Scars’ is the b side to their recent single ‘Give it Your Worst’ from the ‘Brainless’ EP (MIMR no.1 EP of 2016 so far) and its the new video for this track thatContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.11 False Advertising ‘Scars’”

MIMR Daily Tunes No.10: The Chordaes ‘Get The Feeling’

Pushing rapidly out of the blocks are the next band on Daily Tunes, power-pop quartet The Chordaes with a essential cut from their debut album. ‘Touch The Ground’ released back in May is the debut release from the New-yorkers and this track is one of its many highlights. Melodic vocals burst out to a energisedContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.10: The Chordaes ‘Get The Feeling’”

MIMR Daily Tunes No.9: Useless Cities ‘Stay’

This next track from London based alt-rock quartet Useless Cities realy pulls on the heartstring of any avid listener, powerful stuff. ‘Stay’ is the opening song on the foursome’s new EP released in April and its certainly engrossing. Drawing influences from the like of Arcade Fire and Mogwai amongst others, its the elegant cauldron ofContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.9: Useless Cities ‘Stay’”

MIMR Daily Tunes No.8: Elevant ‘Hide It Away’

MIMR jumps over to Liverpool for the next Daily Tunes with Psych-rockers Elevant sharing their joyous noise. This stand alone single, released 8th July, rapidly follows the release of their 3rd album ‘There is a Tide’and this proves their ability to flourish and evolve as a band. The trio unleash hypnotic post-punk tones and enchantingContinue reading “MIMR Daily Tunes No.8: Elevant ‘Hide It Away’”