MIMR Band Chat: Suggested Friends

Keeping up the exceptional good quality of bands featured on MIMR this year are the fantastic Suggested Friends.

I spoke to Faith from the band to reveal all about what they’re about and why you should give them your full attention!


MIMR: Great to have another fab new band on the blog, tell us all about Suggested Friends then?

Faith: We are a jangle punk-ish pop group based in London, singing songs about regret, aspiration, and micro-aggressions. We’re all about the catchy choruses and OTT guitar solos! (Or, as OTT as we can be with our skillset).

MIMR: Whats your favourite part of playing Live?

Faith: For me it’s communicating with and engaging with the audience through our songs. I like to think something in our music is going to resonate with people, at least that’s what I hope for. Christabel says her favourite part of playing live is stunning the audience into silence with our awkward banter. So really what we want to do is create an emotional rollercoaster for the audience.


MIMR: In Manchester we are blessed with some great places to see gigs, where’s your favourite place you’ve played?

Faith: We’ve actually not played outside of London yet, but we’ve performed in some great venues here. We all loved played at The George Tavern a couple of weeks ago. Everyone at the venue was super friendly and the sound was great. Sadly The George is under threat of closure because of property developers in East London – there’s a petition online to save it so go check that out if you have the chance! We love DIY Space For London too.

MIMR: With a typical British summer upon us what would you guys do on a perfect summers day?

Faith: Christabel says that she would go to the park for a picnic and then retreat immediately indoors owing to severe hayfever. I would probably go swimming somewhere. There are actually a few outdoor swimming options in London – I live down the road from London Fields Lido which is this massive heated outdoor pool in Hackney. On summer days it’s rammed but it feels like you’re on holiday.


MIMR: Which bands around at the moment would you recommend MIMR checks out?

Faith: There are so many amazing DIY bands popping up I don’t know where to start. But in brief: The Whooperups, Baby Arms, Ay Carmela, and Charmpit are doing fresh new things! We’re going to do a mini tour at the end of August with Charmpit which we’re mega excited about and so we’ll be in Manchester with them on August 27 at Fuel! Pencil it in!

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us, wish you all the best for rest of this year, Do any of the bands have pre-gig routines or superstitions?

Faith: A few of us are quite anxious people so usually our routine extends to having a couple of pints and reminding ourselves of the structure of newer songs. Despite generally being quite a scatty person i’ve become pretty meticulous about setting up pedals and stuff, so that i can actually relax and enjoy the set without worrying whether my overdrive is going to work or not. I’m not sure we have any superstitions but we did end up playing a gig sober at DSFL at Bent Fest (because of alcohol licensing) and it was revelatory. So maybe this will become a superstition…

Check their FB page out here to keep in the know:


They also head up to Manchester in August, great!! More deets here:


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