MIMR Band Chat: Psychomotors

You may well of noticed that MIMR has had a close connection with this next band over the last few months and MIMR may well have totally biased views but now in their 1st Interview Psychomotors can now invite you to rock out to their intoxicating, Bluesy, Garage Rock noise themselves.

I spoke to the band about life in the band and what you can look forward to in the future, how wonderful!


MIMR: Tell us all about how Psychomotors started and what influences do you have on your music?

Helen: Well, the three of us me, Shaun and Dave have been friends for some time sharing houses/flats together. We all had our instruments and would have drinks and play together, writing our own few songs and just jamming for fun. Tom (Drummer) was working with Shaun and moved into a flat share with us.

Shaun: And that’s when things started to kick off properly really. Writing finished songs and deciding to get it onto the stage for people to enjoy with us. That’s how we found Tom, (Bassist) he came to our first gig, we got chatting and he turned out to be the perfect fit!

Dave: Well, influences…there’s a lot worth mentioning I think… musically: Zep, QOTSA, Them Crooked Vultures, Kyuss, Black Keys, White Stripes, Radio Moscow, Muse, sabbath, vocally: Beth Hearth and Joss Stone would have to have a mention.


MIMR: Having just started with the 1st couple of live shows as a band recently, do you now feel more confident with your sound and what direction you want to take it into?

Tom (Drums): We think it’s something we have always been confident with. We knew the sounds we enjoyed and the rest seems to just come naturally. Now with the 5 of us the sound just clicks and seems to get better and better, we play what we enjoy listening to ourselves.


MIMR: Tell us all about some more gigs you have coming up in the next few weeks, exciting times!

Tom (Bass): Yeah it’s getting that way. We have a gig this coming Tuesday (21st June) at the night and day cafe, really looking forward to that one. Playing with some other great bands! And shortly after on the 1st of July we are playing a charity gig at rebellion bar, a night called Rusty Cage. That’s sure to be a massive night. Get yourself down!


MIMR: Having seen a few pics of you at band practices it looks like you have a lot of fun, who out of the band is the joker in the pack?

Helen: Well everyone has their moments, but it would have to be Shaun in terms of sarcasm and down right ridiculousness.


MIMR: With the first taste of summer hitting us recently what would you consider being the perfect summer’s day?

Shaun: Bbq and beers and drink and some more drink

Dave: and preferably with no rain but it is Manchester so that would be asking a lot!

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us on MIMR, all the best with the gigs coming up, where can everyone find you and listen to some songs?

Helen: Check out our soundcloud page. We are back in the studio recording half way through July so our new stuff will be up shortly check us out here: https://m.soundcloud.com/psychomotors-971887004

Keep you eye on our fb page for news on upcoming gigs: https://m.facebook.com/psychoM2016/

Tom (Drums): Get yourself down for a proper listen at what we can do!

They play Night and Day Cafe, Manchester tomorrow night (21st June) but if you can’t make it here’s the next one!


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