MIMR Band Chat: Thee Mightees

Power pop quartet Thee Mightees are the next exciting band to feature on MIMR in 2016 and Tom S and Ben from the band dropped by for a chat to tell us about their plans and their fantastic new album

MIMR MIMR welcomes Thee Mightees to the blog, we will start with the excellent new album, how was it produced and what inspirations did you draw upon in the making of ‘Smiling’?

Tom S: Hey! It all happened quite quickly really. We formed as a group in June last year and had the album recorded at Delicious Clam Studios by August (before we had really played live). It all started when Chris and Tom asked me to join this band that was going to sound like Billy Childish and they had the name Thee Mighty Chiefs. I said yes but didn’t really feel like I wanted to do 3 chord garage rock as I was listening to a lot of jangly indie music at the time – stuff like Revolving Paint Dream and The Pastels – bands we’ve since had comparisons to. Once Ben joined the whole band began to take shape from then onwards. I was feeling quite sorry for myself at the time and didn’t really feel like a “Chief” so we dropped that bit and started writing these jangly pop songs. I guess The Velvet Underground are a big influence on us musically and I can see that in a few of the songs on the album but none of us take heroin or anything like that.


Ben: We went into the studio with 9 semi-completed songs and BANG two days later you have a gem of a 10 track album finished. Chemistry. And whip cracking courtesy Ed Crisp and Calum Keiler, producers extraoadinaire.

MIMR: Now I’m personally looking forward to seeing you play in Manchester later this month, what’s the best thing about playing live?

Tom S: I think the best thing about playing live is meeting like-minded people and talking to them about music. I guess it’s about sharing really because there isn’t money to be made from independent music anymore. In a way playing live is an extension of that I think.

Ben: Personally I enjoy seeing a mix of disgust and/or enjoyment on peoples faces. If you can get a response that is good, ambivalence is the natural enemy of the rookie band. I am looking forward to the Manchester show, in which we do our finest Beatles/Be-sharps impression on the roof of Big Hands.


MIMR: You hail from Sheffield which over time has had a great musical heritage with some big bands breaking through, what’s the current music scene like and what’s your favourite venue in the city?

Tom S: I don’t really think about the Sheffield music scene too much to be honest as we’ve been so busy doing our own thing over the past year or so. I think my favourite new venue is Picture House Social where we have played a number of times – it does great pizza and cocktails and has a strong no dickhead policy which I like.

Ben: I concur with the Picture House pizza assessment, it is mighty fine, and a great venue. Personally I feel it is lovely to be part of the Delicious Clam family of bands – acts of distinction: Fruit Bomb, Long Limbs, Bruce & Carl, Thumbuster and Avida Dollars etc, as well as acts of foul disrepute: The Fentonville Street Band. Outside of that family, bands such as Nachthexen, Sievehead and Sammartino I wholeheartedly enjoy.

MIMR: What does the rest of 2016 hold for the band?

Tom S: We are gonna be releasing our second album. Writing the third and possibly touring. Maybe if God is on our side releasing something on a bit of plastic called vinyl. We like records you see!

Ben: We also need to pull our finger out and make some music videos, as they seem to be popular these days, what with the Youtube and such.


MIMR: Thanks for chatting to MIMR, look forward to having you on the blog again very soon. What other bands around at the moment would you recommend we check out?

Tom S: Spinning Coin where the last band I thought were on to something in terms of pop music. I saw them last year and they really blew me away. After the show I gave them a early Lou Reed record in exchange for their t-shirt. Again it’s all about sharing!

Ben: I am very much a fan of a band called Holiday Ghosts, made up of members of Falmouth superstars The Black Tambourines and The Red Cords – we hopefully will have a short tour with them at some point this year, and they are ace. Also TV Crime are a new band with plenty of banging powerpop hits, and The Birth Marks are worth seeing for sure.


This is their Manchester date in a few weeks time part of Rooftop Rumble All Dayer @Big Hands, come on down!!


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