MIMR Band Chat: Chorusgirl

Often described as loud and dreamy, London quartet Chorusgirl bring their adored, noise-pop, racket to manchester this week (June 10th) and its all set to be a cracking night.

MIMR spoke to Silvi from Chorusgirl to catch up on what they’re up to and their favourite places to gig


MIMR: Fantastic to have the brilliant Chorusgirl on the blog, are you looking forward to your show in Manchester on friday?

Silvi: Yes, very much so. Our first time in Manchester, we’re excited!

MIMR: How has this year been for the band so far and what can we expect to see from you guys by the end of 2016?

Silvi: We’ve done a lot of great shows, been on tour in the UK and Germany and got to play New York last month. We’ve been around quite a bit and it’s been very busy. We’ve started writing for the second album now and that’ll continue until the end of the year. But we’ll also be doing a few shows in Europe and a few nice festivals in the UK in the autumn.


MIMR: Touring must have its highs and lows, mainly highs i imagine, whats the best thing about travelling around everywhere playing?

Silvi: It’s incredibly fun to play a gig every night; you get to explore the songs much more. Audiences differ quite a lot from place to place as well. The place you didn’t have any expectations for suddenly turns out to bring the party. Meeting interesting and nice people in a lot of places, making friends, that is the best.

MIMR: In 5 words how would you best describe your music?

Silvi: Sunshine viewed through a storm cloud. (Paul Brown wrote that about us in NARC magazine and I’ve always loved that description)


MIMR: Whats your favourite gig venue you’ve played and why?

Silvi: We had a fantastic time at Ostpol in Dresden. It’s a pretty venue with 60s decor and memorabilia. The crowd was really fun, dancing and cheering from the first chord, and very chatty afterwards. In the UK, probably the Crescent in York, another pretty venue and great crowd.


MIMR: Thanks for chatting to MIMR, look forward to your show on Friday at The Castle, its a sweet venue! Do any of the band get nervous before playing a show?

Silvi: Yes, I get nervous before the gig, but it’s all part and parcel of performing. You wouldn’t want it to be routine.

Thanks again to Silvi, here’s the gig poster from our good friends Big Muff promotions where Chorusgirl are starring this friday!


Still time to get tickets here:


You can see all the best bits from the gig on the blog

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