MIMR Band Chat: Peaks

The return of MIMR Band Chat is here and to celebrate we welcome back a very good friend to the blog embarking on a new musical adventure.

Ben Forrester has swapped the sweaty, rip-rawing life of being in a rock band for a more gentle approach yet equally engrossing sound with his new solo project Peaks.

The ex-Bad Grammar lead man spoke to MIMR about his new musical direction and the fantastic new EP.


MIMR: Great to have you back on the blog, so how did Peaks come about and how you found the transition from being in a band to going it alone?

Ben: I’ve been doing the solo thing for as long as I can remember but whenever I started a new band, it always took a back burner. So, I guess  it’s been a fairly smooth transition as it’s always something I’ve gone back to. Once I decided to give the solo thing a proper go and came up with a name, it took me a while to figure to out the direction I wanted to take it in. I spoke to my nearest and dearest and about it and after some sound advice, I just decided to go with whatever came out and not pigeon hole myself too much.

MIMR: Tell us about the EP, what it is all about? Love the title too.

Ben: Thanks a lot! The EP was written and recorded pretty quickly! I had a pretty creative start to a hungover Saturday morning recently and I managed to bash it out in two days. Thematically it’s about a few things but ultimately it’s about knowing who you as a person, keeping hopeful but at the same time, not taking anyone’s shit. I’d that it’s a pretty accurate snapshot of my head space at present. It was quite therapeutic to make as I was suffering quite severely from writers block so I’m so pleased I imagined to overcome it and write something honest and quite direct from what I’d previously written.


MIMR: What plans do you have for Peaks and are you excited to put this out on the live circuit?

Ben: I’m really excited to play live! I have a few shows around Manchester coming up which are being announced very soon and I’m super stoked on! I hope to get about the UK as the year goes on too! I’m working on the set at the moment, I want to create a live show that isn’t just a guy on stage singing emo songs and has a more fun and interactive element to it.

MIMR: Your a big fan of music in Manchester, which bands emerging at the moment would you shout out?

Ben: I certainly am! I’m so pleased to see the likes of ‘The Hyena Kill’ and ‘False Advertising’ smashing it at the moment. They are such hardworking and excellent musicians so I can’t wait to see them both rocket to the moon this year! I saw a band called ‘Thing’ the other week who blew my mind, they play super cool, tripped out pysch Rock and are probably the best new band in Manchester! I also recently discovered ‘Cult Party’ who is this guy who makes these understated yet heart wrenching indie-folk songs. He put an album earlier this year and it’s utterly beautiful, its actually had quite an influence on what I’ve been writing recently.


MIMR: Thanks for talking to us Ben, the EP is sounding great and good luck in the future. What are your plans for the summer then?

Ben: Thanks so much for having me man, it’s so great to see the blog go from strength to strength! The plan is to play some shows in as many places that I can and write some more hits. I really want to go for an album but I think I’m gonna try squeeze out another EP out before the summer ends and then get into album zone! The sound of Peaks seems to be ever evolving in my head so I’m proper excited to see where it goes next!

I paid Ben to say some good things about the blog by the way :p but seriously check out the new Peaks EP and download it for free here:


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