MIMR Band Chat: Hover Bored

Introducing the next new and exciting Manchester band to breakout and let rip on MIMR, grunge pop-pedlars Hover Bored.

MIMR spoke to James from the band about live shows, 2016 plans and flying cars!


MIMR: Thanks for chatting to MIMR, who are Hover Bored and what influences do you have on your music?

James: No problem. Hover Bored are a 4 piece band in Manchester who play melodic grunge pop, we have recently had our material described as a “distinct sound” and “something we have never heard before” with this we have pondered what our music unveils for a listener and how we can arrange to keep this unique factor. We take a lot of influences from artists that have been local to us, bands like: Nai Harvest, Allusondrugs and FLESH have all inspired us, however other non-relatable artists like: Thin Lizzy, Prince and Tiny Moving Parts have gained our understanding of pop music and how we wish to engage this in both a musical and theatrical way.


MIMR: Looking forward to seeing you play live very soon, what can we expect from one of your live shows?

James: Thank you, we can’t wait to play the shows that are coming up. As for what you can expect from us we literally feed off each others energy and movement. In rehearsals we try and move with the way the music does, its sort of like a more mad interpretive dance. Some songs we have written have brought different emotions up for us, so bringing those emotions to the table will engage an audience to feel the same way, which personally I think is an important factor in any type of artistic entertainment. We also have good music as well haha.


MIMR: What other bands around at the moment do you listen to and enjoy?

James: We listen to a lot genre’s that do not have immediate connection to our music. We like to find new different bands more than anything, I recently started listening to VITAMIN, Best Coast and Mansionair which are so cool, I know that Warren (our guitarist) listens to Astroid Boys and Die Antwoord. Basically our inspirations are what we listen to most in regards of Hover Bored, especially bands like FLESH who we see a lot in Manchester.

MIMR: What are the plans for the band for the rest of 2016?

James: Our plans are to get more shows and more good times. We’re hoping for Hover Bored to get a couple more recordings down and perhaps a music video for our new single. We just want to delegate all our time to this band because we love it so much haha.


MIMR: Thanks once again for dropping by for a chat, will be keeping a close eye on your progress. Hoverboards have still not been invented, which is rubbish, what other possible inventions would you like to see?

James: Haha cheers, thank you for giving us this opportunity to talk. I know it sucks that hover boards aren’t invented, i’d love one! haha. I can guess what Warren would want, he would want a flying Toyota Yaris T sport because he is obsessed with them haha.

Thanks to James once again, you can check out 1st Single ‘New To You’ here


and watch them open up proceedings at my good friends Big Muff Promotions this friday (10th June) w/Peaness, Goda Tungl and Chorusgirl


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